Lack of information in the Trimble Account

Sorry if this is not the right place to ask this question.

I’m a little confused. I have purchased the SU Pro starting from the 2014 version directly from the SU website. I currently have SU Pro 2020 installed on my computer, M&S is active until 27/02/2021. A few days ago I received an offer to install SU Pro 2021 (with a new Serial Number and Authorization Code). I did it. However, my Trimble Account page doesn’t show that I still have an active version of SU Pro 2020, and nowhere is there any information about previous purchases, payments, and products licensed to me, only SketchUp Studio Trial, which expired in March 2019.

Why is that?

hello, go there

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Thanks, Paul,

but that was not the point. Why don’t I see a complete overview of my activities on my Trimble Account page, if there are sections for it?

I agree with you, but I believe it’s only for the ones having a current subscription. We classic licence holders have to go to my link :slight_smile:

Yes, but only if I know my Serial Number. I have happened to crash the HDD with all the email content. In that case, it doesn’t help. I have never had this problem with any other account (Microsoft, PayPal, Norton, AutoDesk, any bank, etc.) because there is all the necessary information on my account pages.

I don’t think I want to install SU 2014 on any computer, but… never say never… :rofl:

When you have authorized the “classic” license for version 2021, you will be able to continue using the older versions you have already installed and authorized, but you aren’t allowed to, for instance, move the older versions to a new computer or to authorize them any longer. So at the moment your version 2014 license number is a totally academic question.

I cannot refrain from stressing the importance of keeping backups of your important files and e-mails. I think I have somewhere laying around at least one copy of all my SketchUp installers and serial numbers since version 3, although I am very unlikely to ever need them.

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You do seem to have activated your 2021 license on Wednesday, which you presumably managed to do because of having the license in an email. At this point there are only a couple of reasons to visit the license page, one being to retrieve your latest license details, which you had already.

I tested the page using your 2014 license serial number, and it did still pull up your 2021 details. I had another email sent, to make sure you have at least one email that includes your 2021 license.

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Thanks, guys, but don’t take what I said so literally. In fact, I don’t have any problems with any of the installations right now.

It’s really more of an academic interest why I can’t get all the information about my account activity on the Trimble Account page.

As was said, that page is only subscription products, but it does include the Free and Trial ones too.

I feel sure I have heard talk about combining the two pages, but I’m not sure about whether that will ever happen, with the Classic license option going away.

@colin, you may be right that the need to combine pages will go away, but from my - the user’s point of view, I see myself as one person buying different products from another one (Trimble, in this case). I have one account with each merchant, in the report of which I want to see everything related to transactions with him. That is why I do not understand why our relationship must be so complex and opaque. :grinning:

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Perhaps because when they started subscription, they started using a new accountancy method or even software, and it was way simpler to leave the two separated. Who knows ?
hey, it’s zen at sketchup, don’t push them too hard ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I made this suggestion recently, perhaps others have as well.

most likely, only migrated licenses would popup in the AMP

No licenses will be in the Trimble Account Management Portal, since a “migrated” license is then a subscription, not a license anymore. Here’s an explanation that might help:
The old License Manager portal was created and maintained by SketchUp, quite a while ago, too.
The brand new subscription-only portal is owned and managed by our parent company, Trimble, and it couldn’t show the old SketchUp licenses on there. The two systems don’t talk to each other, and we aren’t selling licenses anymore anyway, so adding that function wasn’t worth developing. Trimble is a massive holdings company, with dozens of subscription-running companies. The Trimble Account Management Portal couldn’t be tailored just for expiring SketchUp licenses, as it’s meant to really just handle subscriptions. Does that help explain why? It can be cumbersome for classic license holders to have to look somewhere other than our new main account page, so apologies for the inconvenience while we make this transition. The old License Manager can always be found by going to, scroll into the very bottom of the page, and clicking on “Retrieve license”.

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Thank you, Katya, I understood that before.

Recently, in my work, I also encountered a case where the new system does not “talk” to the old one. This is very unfriendly to users and actually shows that the system developers do not take enough care of them. Justification can always be found, but it does not help. I suggest you think about it! It is important for every user to feel that he is not indifferent to the company.

I agree that it is important for every user to feel that he is important to the company, and they are to me personally. In addition to leaving the License Manager right where it always has been so that license users can access their license information when needed, we’re also taking extra steps to help our classic license holders migrate to subscriptions, and then they will be able to use the new account portal. Realistically, that will take some time, and not everyone will want to get current next year, which is fine. I confess I still have an installation disk for Photoshop CS5 from 10 years ago, and I’m keeping it! But I also don’t expect Adobe to have my old purchase on their new cloud subscription account system. Partly because I don’t need anything from an online account portal for that purchase. I was sent the license key and emailed a receipt, so… why would I?
People who aren’t going to move to subscriptions may choose to save a copy of their installation file somewhere secure, and save the emails with their license info.
Note also that billing history was never a part of the License Manager, we always just emailed that information to users.

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