Pro 2019 Purchased, No Serial # or Authorization Code Sent

I purchased SketUp Pro on March 23 and received a number of confirmation emails that included a Trimble Account #, a purchase order #, and a Part number.

I never received any email including a license number, serial number or authorization code. I searched everywhere on the Trimble site, and could only find an email support form.

I sent an email to Trimble support (again on march 23) explaining my problem and received a help request number, but have not received a response after five days.

I have searched my spam folder every day, but nothing. Crickets. WTF is going on?!!

Did you buy the Pro subscription package or the Classic?

If you purchased the subscription package, then your credentials are the Trimble login you used when you purchased the subscription, there will be no license number.

I purchased the 1-Year Pro Subscription Package for $299. When I downloaded and opened up SketchUp Pro 2019 in the Welcome to SketchUp window under the Subscription tab is said “None Found” or something like, even though in the upper right hand corner it showed me logged in. Also, in my account it clearly shows that I have an active 1-year subscription.
I made the mistake of clicking on a button that said “1-Month Trial” and now I can use the software, but it only shows the one month trial on the Welcome window.
On my Trimble Account page it now shows both the 1-year subscription and the 1 month trial. I don’t know what’s going on.

Well that exhausts my first-hand knowledge of what might help. I leave it to others who’ve paid more attention to the details of how to work with the new subscription model to help you further.

Click on the 1- year subscription, and then on the members tab, now, you can assign yourself the 1-year subscription with the + button

Hi Shem,

To give some confidence, your sign in email address acts as your subscription license, so there are no classic license codes needed.

Not seeing an active subscription in the license tab may be a couple of things.

  1. If there is any possibility that the email you purchased through and the email you signed in as are different. Then it’s worth signing out of the desktop app, checking the email addresss on your purchase, and signing back in again.

  2. Because the Trial has some extra functionality in it, with the ability to use Sefaira, we do leave this as being active for the full 30 days so that our newly subscribed users like yourself, and our classic license users can keep trying out these features.

  3. What Mike suggests can also be a factor. If for some reason the license was purchased, but an assign to myself button was accidentally unchecked.

As such, if the email you signed in with and you purchased with are definitely the same, and if your account online is showing an active subscription that is assigned to yourself, then you should be good to go. We expect that your subscription will function as normal at the end of the trial period.

If you check the above and still have concerns, or if you’re having issues using the SketchUp features, then I’d personally suggest waiting for the support response, as they will be able to look into your account in more detail. Otherwise it sounds like everything is in order.


Dear Mike,

Yes! This solved the problem. I didn’t realize I had to go into my subscription and assign a license to myself. Kind of a weird system and probably something they should make clear.

Anyways, I assigned myself a license and subsequently got an email telling me to contact myself for information on using the license. I understand why they do this, but it’s still kinda funny.

This didn’t fully solve the problem, I still had to log out of my account in the desktop app and log back in before the program acknowledged that I had an active license, but now I’m finally good to go.



Dear Doug,

Yes, Mike’s advice actually worked. I just had to assign myself a license and then log off and back in on the app for it to reflect that I have an active subscription. I’m all good to go now.




Note to myself: email me, too!

Go and create something awesome!

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