SketchUp Pro Subscription

We bought two subscriptions to Sketchup Pro and received a paid receipt, but no other information. How do we access the subscriptions? We downloaded Sketchup Pro, but all it allows is the 30-day trial version or the “classic license” option. We didn’t get any serial numbers or authorization codes.

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With subscription, you don’t need serial numbers or codes, anymore, only a Trimble ID
You have to assign your assets (two subscriptions) to the right Trimble ID’s.
This is done in the AMP which belongs to the initial buyer/emailaddress.
There should be a ‘provision email’ which sometimes ends up in the spamfolder. There should be a link in it.
Or you can access the portal here:

Log in with the email that you usedfor buying.
Make sure you choose the right Plan (typically not the trial plan) on the left, and then add the users under the Members.

The assigned users will receive an email.

Note that if you installed SketchUp allready, you won’t have to install it again. There is no special trial version of SketchUp, only the way that it is licenced diffurs.

You might need to restart SketchUp to see the changes, or log out and log back in.

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