Subscription Discount for Existing Users and keep an older perpetual license?


I know this topic has been discussed previously - apologies if my specific question has been clearly answered elsewhere. I’m a current M&S perpetual user. I recently received an email from one of your sales reps that my M&S is expiring soon. The email notes that if I subscribe my perpetual will expire 30 days after subscribing but there is also an FAQ that notes I can keep the perpetual license. I asked your rep to clarify and his short/curt response was (cut and pasted)

**To your question: **

**“How do I ensure that I will be able to access my latest perpetual license if I decide not to renew after the one or two-year subscription deal expires?” **

Answer: Do not use the discount code on the purchase of your initial subscription.

Can someone please confirm that if using the current user discount I wont be able to keep my old perpetual license? e.g. the only way to keep an older perpetual license is to not use the current user discount? I asked your rep for further clarification but he declined to respond(?).

Thanks - Appreciate your help on this!

Something to know is that this forum is a public one, and you will mostly get answers from people who don’t work for SketchUp. If you want to send in a more formal question, you can use the customer service option on this page:

I have a copy of the email you would have received, and it does talk about maintenance and support expiring. I don’t see anything about the license itself expiring. The article that talks about migrating needs some details to be updated, but this paragraph is still true:

What happens to my perpetual license if I take advantage of this promotion?
Your particular license may still be used, and may be installed on new devices if there are remaining activations. Find more details about license activation here. At this point, Classic Perpetual licenses can no longer be upgraded. When your Maintenance & Support plan expires , you can continue to use the most current version of your classic perpetual license.

That does say that your classic license can’t be upgraded, but you do already have a 2021 license, that whenever you get around to using it, should work, even in two years time if you choose to not renew the subscription.

Thanks for the speedy response Colin!

The exact verbiage (again, cut and pasted from email) is below - its the “30 days after doing so” that caused me to question this.

To purchase a one-year subscription, please use the url below to access the online store.

3D Modeling Software Pricing | 3D Design Program Cost | SketchUp

Once the page is open, click on the blue “Subscribe” button under SketchUp Pro.

*Be sure to use promo code ##### at checkout to reduce the price to $120. *

*30 days after doing so, the perpetual licenses will be deactivated and subsequent years of the subscription will be at list price, which is $299/year. *


To purchase a Two-year subscription for only $240, please use the link below and be sure you are logged in with the email that your current license is assigned to.

I’m checking with colleagues.

What is the subject line of that email, please? Can you take a screenshot of the entire email and paste it in here?

Hopefully that is what you need?

Can you message me privately with the sender’s email address? Thanks! That doesn’t look like our typical marketing format.

Of course- thx for following up

Did you by any chance have a network license, originally? Or did you have a single-user license? I know the rules are different for those two things.

Always Single user license - this is embarrassing, but i dont see how to private message you in your profile (sorry)

It’s okay. I messaged you, so hopefully you can just message back. Did you see my message?

Mystery solved, thanks for the private message, @thexcadguy .
When users follow the migration promo email and purchase directly from the SketchUp website from that email link, then the resulting subscription does not result in the license being deactivated.
However, when someone gets the migration deal by reaching out to one of our specific sales people, then that migration process does deactivate the license.
If anyone needs help with migrating, please create a ticket at and we can help.

As a user just observing this exchange, I find this sentence disturbing (that a different method of apparently doing the same thing - taking out a discounted subscription) can lead to a quite different result - deactivation of a ‘perpetual licence’ which long exchanges on the forum in the past all said wouldn’t happen.

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Thanks for asking about this. I messaged our Sales Manager about your question so that you can get the most accurate response. I’m generally in Technical Support so I want to make sure to go to the right source for you.

I echo John’s concern!

My M&S will expire soon and I was expecting that I would take up a discounted subscription through my current reseller…

There can’t be any ambiguity in this else I won’t subscribe.

Just checked my records and according to the date on my renewal email from my reseller my M&S expires today!

I have had no reminder email or any offers of a discount subscription.

Hi everyone, just to confirm, when you migrate to subscription, your single user perpetual license will continue to work. It is a perpetual license and you own it. It doesn’t matter if you do this online or with one of our direct sales reps. We just appreciate that you are upgrading to our latest and greatest version!




Your license is under the email that is hello at your name dot co dot uk. Do you still check that email address?

Yes, Colin, that email is still active.

I spoke to my reseller since posting earlier and they did say that the discount offer was available to me and that the offer would expire in April 2021.

They stated that my current perpetual license would remain active on my current system should I take up the offer.

I know this has been discussed at length by yourselves with us the users (and I appreciate your patience with us) but the ambiguity that still seems to exist about the future of one’s perpetual license if one should take up the (discounted) subscription continues to be unnerving.