Sketchup Classic License to Subscription


I have searched the Forum and have seen a few posts with queries about transferring from a Classic License to a Subscription License.

Has there been any development on this? The reason I ask is because I’ve just paid the yearly maintenance fee, and it seems if I now want to transfer to a subscription license, (although not sure how to transfer from one to the other), I will have to pay the yearly fee, on top of what I have just paid.

It would be good to get some more information on;

  1. Any discount available for Classic License holders transferring over to a Subscription License, and,
  2. How to actually transfer from Classic to Subscription.

Many thanks


migrating is possible but why not simply wait until your classic maintenance runtime lapses, besides if the AR/VR stuff is needed.

That what I was thinking off doing, although might change a bit earlier than next February.

Is it easy to change?


depending where you have bought your license contact either your local reseller or Trimble sales for conditions and further information.

Would evaluate to keep the classic perpetual license and buy an additional yearly subscription license too.

When you change from classic to subscription you should still have a permanent license to the last version that came out while you were under support. If your support ends after the date that the 2021 version is released, and based on all previous releases you should be ok for that, changing to subscription after you have a 2021 classic license would make sense.

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