SketchUp Pro Subscription for just $240 Questions

I got an email stating…SketchUp Pro Subscription for just $240 for 2 years.
When I go to check out it’s $568
What am I missing here or not understanding.
Also, why did I pay $120 on June 2 2020 Upgrade 1 year Maintenance & Support Subscription, Single User and now have to pay again?

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I had a similar issue as have others. It may be because you have two email addresses where your Trimble ID is different to the email address you originally used to purchase SketchUp. See this thread here: Discount validation issue

As for also paying $120 I’m not sure how that will work but hopefully Colin from SketchUp can answer that.

As Kenny says, you would need to signed in with the email that your license is assigned to (your email in your case) to see the discount.

But don’t do that for now. I think your support renewed on May 20th, and you paid the $120 during the following 30 days grace period. You are under support until May 20th 2021, and that’s the time that you would think about taking the two year promotion, not not.

I just have received a mail to propose me to pay 130$ each year (for two year) instead of 299$/year to go to subscription.

Nope, same email address here. Got my 2 year deal 3 minutes after paying for the 1 year deal.

I also received an email: “60% off for Classic license holders”.

If I follow the link in the email the discount is not applied to the cart.
I’m logged in to the only account I have.

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Another Question
If I take the $240 invite, and pay for the next couple of years, then the price-rise becomes too much for my use. What about the models I have produced with the subscription?

  • Will I be able to open them at a later date with a classic license? (not likely)
  • Will all that work be “lost” to me? (seems quite likely)

If my suspicions are true, the subscription is a lifelong membership to Trimble irrespective of their price demands. This is rather scary for a small one-man shop.
Does anyone have any soothing words?

save your models in the format of your current classic license version…?

Saving in my classic license version has an empty ring. We all have seen changes to Sketchup that make that impossible. There are no assurances that the subscription mode will allow it next year or a few years from now. I do go back, sometimes many years, to rework models with new concepts. Why would I risk not having access if the subscription price began to skyrocket?

Print pdf copies. I look at projects I did years ago. They are on rolls of paper. I eventually throw them out. There’s nothing we can do about progress.

(I’m playing “devil’s advocate” a bit. I don’t like subscription and I will only subscribe when I have to. I assume that at that time I will be subscribing because I have work to do, and I’ll be writing-off the cost every year. I understand that these fees are high for people in some places. That’s another problem.)

You most certainly CAN save your sketchup file as an older version. SketchUp has had no changes whatsoever in this regard that would make it impossible or even difficult. Not sure where you got that impression.

If you are worried about not accessing models, save them as old versions before your subscription runs out.

The models will live on your computer just like they always have.

CONTACT SALES for SUPPORT. I was having the same issue yesterday, so I used the form on the website to contact them about my issue of the 60% discount not showing up in the cart, even though I was logged in with the correct email address, went through the link in the email, and had already verified that the discount applied to my account (last week, the discount showed up in the cart, though I didn’t make the purchase at that time). I reached out to support yesterday and Kevin got back with me this morning and provided me with the discount code to enter at checkout & it worked.

I managed to see the discount in my cart. Authorized the purchase.
Received an email that my order is being processed.

4 days later a receive another email to confirm my birthdate!? So I did.
After that, a bank notification that funds have been withdrawn from my bank account for the full amount of a new 2 year subscription without any discount applied.

No luck phoning support.

This is such a mess. Very disappointed.