Discount validation issue

As a SketchUp Pro classic M&S licence owner, I recently received an email with a discount proposal for switching to a 2 years subscription plan for $240.
But when I click on the subscribe button, the price for the 2 year plan is 519 €… which seems like a pretty indecent exchange rate !
I logged out and in different times to see if that could make a difference but it didn’t.
Any advice on how to get the discounted price ?

As I understand it, the discount should be applied when you add your e-mail address at checkout. Make sure you are signed in with the correct e-mail address.

Your support lasts until some time in December. You should wait until then before migrating, to get the best possible value.

When you do migrate, the email on your license is a skynet one, and not your business email.

Thanks for your reply Colin.

I understand my licence is registered with a @skynet address but I can’t log in with this address (A user with the given email doesn’t exist).

Logging in with my business email address works but doesn’t give me access to the discount plan.

Should I create a new account with this old @skynet mail address ?
Or is there a way to affect my existing licence to my business email ?

This is likely to come up a lot, and I will check with colleagues what the best option is.

For now, make sure you don’t do the migration until December!

To prepare for that you can enter the skynet email like you did, and when it says there is no such user, enter your details and choose a password. Look for a confirmation email to activate the account, and then your skynet email will be a valid Trimble ID.

Yes… that works ! :grinning:

I created a new account with my skynet address and got access to the discount.

A last question for you Colin… on my license manager, I can see that my renewal date was October 12 and not December. I am a bit confused on when I should do the migration.

Ha! I got myself confused and misread 10/12 as 12/10.

You could go ahead and migrate if you want, but given that you could also renew one last time, for $120, and then do the $240 deal in a year from now, that would both be the least amount of money you could pay, and your permanent license will get all of the updates for the next 12 months.

OK… got it ! Thanks for your very helpful support !

I have exactly the same issue with not getting the discount by having two email addresses; my Yahoo email (where the offer was sent) and my business email which is linked to my Trimble account.
I would set up a new account as advised here but I’d prefer to keep only one account and also my maintenance and support is valid until September 6th 2021. I therefore don’t want to renew too soon if I can do the $240 deal in a year’s time. Will the offer still be valid in a year though? I’d appreciate advice on the email accounts and when to migrate. Thanks.

It is possible for us to change the email address on the license, and would need a request from the current email address, requesting a change to the new email. That does of course present a problem, if you can’t use the Yahoo email as a way to sign in to our contact form, in order to ask for the change to be made!

I believe that you have tried the web version of SketchUp when signed in with your Yahoo email. It’s possible that you used the Sign in with Google option, and you could do that on our contact page as well. Then our system should recognize that the email is tied to a Classic license, and you can use the Message Us option.

If you are the Kenny I think you are, your current support ends in September 2021. Yes, you will be able to do the $240 deal at that time, no need to do it now.

Colin, thanks for the reply. As you say my current support ends in September 2021 so I’ll wait until then to do anything.

I too received the email about a discounted 2-year subscription (nice that I waited from when the first one came to me months ago at a higher rate). In anay case, I decided to see how this all worked out, and when I got to the checkout, I didn’t see the discount. I am unsure if I had two emails on file or not (for as long as I remember, I only ever used one email address), so if Trimble has a different address, from when I first purchased SU, then it escapes me. I know my M&S expires on the 26th of November and this offer is only good until the 4th, so if anyone can help me out, it would be appreciated.

Your license is against your Gmail address, and that’s the one you would want to be signed in under when attempting to get the 2 year promo.

But, do wait for your M&S to run out. The offer you’re remembering was a previous 1 year one that was said to end on November 4th, and the new one can be 1 or 2 years, and will be around until December 4th 2021.

So, no hurry, and if you take the offer close to Thanksgiving you will have gained over a month of extension to the end date for the 2 year subscription.

Ok, so the email address I used, is the same one, from where the email was sent, so everything tracks there, as well as signing in to Trimble with the same email address. Basically, I’ve only ever had one email associated with Trimble/Sketchup, so again I wonder why I wasn’t provided the discount at checkout?

I’m in no rush now, since I just went ahead and reinstalled SU2020, with my current perpetual license, which is still good. Not sure I understand the methodology behind this whole upgrade to subscription, and when to wait.

I am a long time SU Pro Liscence user. I have received an email for tow years discount proposal too. However, I don’t know why I have to pay another $240 for SU while I have renewed my subscription of the classic one just few months ago!
I miss the time when I was using SU for free! :slight_smile:

I tried several times to take advantage of the Two Year discount offered vid email and sent a message to Sketchup support and received a Case number. There was no follow up correspondence from Sketchup Support so I contacted a Sketchup reseller who was more that happy to help with the conversion. Within less than 4 hours I was able to take care of the conversion from Sketchup Classic to Sketchup Subscription plus adding an additional license for a 25% discount. Looks like Sketchup is going the way of AutoDESK and offloading all product sales to a “authorized” reseller. I recommend contacting Trinity Animation Inc. 816-525-0103 as you will speak with a real person to help you with the process.

Hey Colin,

I believe I have the same issue as the people above. I have been trying since last week to figure how to use the offer that expires in Nov 4th (though you mention above Dec 24th?) for the 2-year subscription at US$240 or for the renewal of my classic license one last time (I’m not sure I can go this way as my current license for SU2020 does not expire until Nov 26, but this would be my preference - it would be great if you could confirm this either way.)

Any way I sign in into Trimble I still get a different price from what was quoted in the email.

Would you be able to lend a hand? I have left phone messages both at the technical support number, and the sales number and never got a reply or call back from either. Frankly, I don’t know who or where else to turn to…


We have been catching up with requests, and so a colleague may have replied, or is replying soon.

You don’t want to use the offer that expires in two days, instead you would use the better offer that will work until December 4th 2021. In your case, if you want to have continuous support, do that offer on November 26th. If you would rather start a subscription on a more memorable date, you have until April 3rd to take the offer and still get 60% off.

Thanks for the quick reply, appreciated!

How do I get a hold of that new offer? I have not received an email about it…

It will have already been sent to a lot of people that it applies to. If it does apply to you, you can read about it here:

There is a list of what the prerequisites are.