Sketchup Subscription Pricing Issue

I am trying renew my Perpetual (Classic) License via the new subscription route, but when I go to purchase the subscription on line at the promotional rate as advertised in the email I received, the only option is the full 2-yr price of $598, not the discounted $240 rate. Is there a promotional code I need to enter? Or a special site I need to go to?

Following… I’m having the same issue.

I’m having the same issue and the offer ends tonight. I’ve sent emails and left vm’s with no response from Trimble,

For your case, although your usual email is the billing email, you have the license assigned to your Yahoo account. If you can be signed in with that email, the discount should show up.

I’ll try it - thanks!

If you are signed in with your Comcast email, the discount should show up. Might you be signed in with a different email address?

I can’t find you in any system, with what I can tell from your forum details. But whatever you have now, you don’t need to take the offer that runs out tomorrow. The newer offers will work at least until April 3rd.

Colin, I’ve signed in with my account email and it’s showing the wrong plan for me? I’ve sent two emails to support and I’m on the phone stuck in phone mail jail as I write this… Aghh… I wish there was a way to actually speak to someone over there… lol

Ok, I think I figured it out. You renewed support under a new email, your builtgraphics one. Now that I look at that I see you’re under support under May 24th.

So, do nothing at all until then, and when you take the migration promotion in May, be signed in with your builtgraphics email.

Will I still be able to get the two years for $240?

I tried to log in with my yahoo email and a note came back that there is no account under that email. Please advise.

Colin, When I try to log into my account with that email it comes back with ‘that account does not exist’?

Late in May, yes.

When you get to the bit where it says No Such User… you can enter your details, choose a password, look for the confirmation email, and now your Yahoo email will be a valid Trimble ID too.

When you say newer offers do you mean the subscription service for $240 for the first 2 years?

I’m in the system as [email removed]

Thanks Colin, everything worked out. I have renewed with a new subscription based license.

Thanks for the email, which I then edited out. No reason for you to get extra spam because someone found your email posted here!

I did find you, and you have support until March, and should not do anything with regard to migrating for now. When you do, the email you just gave should show your the right discount when you migrate.

And yes, I meant that offer. The original offer was due to be used by tomorrow, and the new offer works until December 4th next year. So that will be the one to use in March.

Thank you Colin

I’m not sure if I completely understand the previous dialog, so I apologize for that in advance. My classic license expires on December 28, 2020. I’ve seen the 2-year subscription rate for $240 expiring tomorrow, November 4, 2020, December 4, 2020 and sometime in April 2021. When do I need to switch to the subscription to take advantage of the $358 savings?