Is SketchUp Pro a subscription



I am thinking about buying SketchUp Pro and other 3D rendering programs such as AutoCAD and Revit. AuotCAD is a monthly subscription fee is SketchUp Pro that same.
Or put another way
Is SketchUp Pro a subscription I have to pay every month or is it a one time payment of the current asking price and then in the future if I would like to update that is an additional fee?


It is the latter. You buy a permanent license for the current version of SketchUp Pro. There is no mandatory ongoing payment or subscription fee. However, that license is valid only for the corresponding version of SketchUp. If you want to upgrade to the next version, there is an associated price (lower than the full version license price). The only issue with an old version is that it may tell you there is a newer one and that you should update. It will continue to work correctly, this is just a reminder nag.


Just to add a bit more clarity…

With the purchase of a license of SketchUp Pro comes 1 year (365 days) of M&S.

–> If/when a new full version of SketchUp is released, like 2017, and the M&S tied to the existing license is still active, there is no cost to get the license for the new version.
–> If the license M&S has expired and no longer active, you can purchase a renewal for another 365 days… which in turn will get you the new license.

More information on the M&S program can be found here



Also, if you buy SketchUp and get skilled in it, you won’t need other 3D programs. Years ago I outdid every other student at my university with just using SketchUp. :wink:


I love SketchUp and use it professionally in architecture, but its very limited the moment you want to go further down the 3D rabbit hole. Try bringing a disgusting mesh into Blender or Cinema4D, or even Unity or Unreal Engine… Yikes! It is possible to move SU files down the line but you have to work very methodically and generally in QUADS, which SU isn’t native to. All ‘quad’ geometry will always resort to triangles, no matter what in SU.



Since kazk4ever had mentioned AutoCAD and Revit, I would tend to think that he is not going down the Blender and game engine route at this time. That being said…

SketchUp was not originally designed for the gaming industry nor for interoperability into Blender or Cinema4D … but thanks to the development community, the gap is closing through the use of various extensions for SketchUp. If quad modeling is your thing and you want to do it in SketchUp, there are now some helpful quad modeling tools available to the SketchUp user community. One of these extensions even has features directly addressing the import from and export to Blender!

Check out ThomThom’s Quadface Tools, Vertex Tools and SubD

If you want to see these tools in action, check out this great tutorial on quad/subd modeling in SketchUp -

Great stuff!



I have a whole series of examples on using SU’s native tools to make and tweak sculptural forms called tweaking tool tips which also can be used to make the initial low-poly models prior to jumping into the subdivision plugins.