Sketchup old version

Can I get the original old version of SketchUp license?
where can i get it?
Is the price cheaper than the new version?
thank you

Let’s see, you’ve not been searching the forum on licensing much, so I’ll break it down.

  • No, not any longer, last day for that was 4 November 2020. Only subscription from here on out.
  • Nowhere, not being sold any longer.
  • It wasn’t outright, but after a few years (even with keeping Maintenance & Subscription up to date annually) it was saving the license holder a lot of money in the long term.

You have been in the forum for 6 years. Did you own any previous version of SketchUp? I can’t find any license for you.

so a good solution for using software that is used by personal, not work or agencies, how?

I have never bought SketchUp, because the budget is not enough. previously I was only a follower of this community.
Is there a solution for cheap SketchUp purchases?
thank you

If you are using SU ONLY for hobby or personal use, not commercially, you can still download SU 2017 Make from

It is free for personal use, and will still run most extensions from Extension Warehouse and SketchUcation Plugin Store.

Or there is Sketchup Free which runs in a (modern) web browser, but doe not run extensions at all.

It starts as a 30day trial of SU Pro 2017 but reverts after that to Make.

What John says makes sense, but if you happen to be a student or educator, there is a $55 per year option.

Is that for 2021 Pro? And is it available to a licensed charity, which has, amongst other things, an education role (in theatre)?

We have had educational licences in the past, especially for Microsoft Windows and Office Pro, and possibly years ago before the terms changed, for a version of SU - perhaps 2013 or 2014? Not sure which.

But then it got very expensive - can’t accurately remember why, perhaps because of a minimum number of licences you could buy? Took it from tens of pounds to hundreds at that time, and since nobody but me used it except to view models (for which the Viewer works fine) and I got a Pro licence, we stopped.

Previously students could get the Classic license for a fixed year period, for $50. When the subscriptions came out that was changed to be $55 to get the SketchUp Studio version. For the extra $5 you get all of the differences from Classic to Studio.

There is a not for profit variation of that. As with the student ones those are handled through Creation Engine. You would start on this page:

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Thanks, Colin. Where would I look for the equivalent in UK (England in particularl)?

from a local reseller:

Thank you. I’ll make enquiries again.