Is Sketchup Pro 2021 Worth Buying?

Hi! I’m a student SketchUp creator. I’m currently using SketchUp Make 2017. I know that there probably isn’t going to be any more SketchUp Makes coming out anymore. I do not want to use “SketchUp” for education because I don’t think it’s worth it but I want to update to a newer version because eventually SketchUp make won’t be supported and all of my models will be lost if I don’t transfer over to a newer version. Is it worth paying the expensive price? I hope that I get some responses soon! Thanks in advance to anyone that will respond!

This is not true. I don’t understand why do you think this.
You will lose your model if you (or someone else) will delete it and you don’t have a backup.

Beside that:

  • You will be able to open your model with the SU version used to create it.
  • You will be able to open your model with newer version of SU
  • You will be able to save the model to older versions.
  • There are an extension in EW to open newer version SU file.
  • You can upload your model to 3D Warehouse and download in other version (or importable format. )
  • You can ask here the forum members to save as into your version
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@Lincman31B is using a Mac. From time to time Apple changes its OS or hardware so that older software ceases to run. Windows fares much better in this respect.
Otherwise, if the usage is not commercial, you can very well continue using v.2017 for as long as it runs. When you eventually need to upgrade, the new version will open your old files.

Keep in mind that the only kind of “purchase” option now offered by Trimble for SketchUp is via annual subscription. When you stop paying the subscription, you can no longer run the corresponding SketchUp. In that sense, the “expensive price” is about $300 USD per year (for the desktop form of SketchUp, aka native PC/Mac) times however long you want to be able to run the newest version of SketchUp for the desktop.

Not upgrading OS and hardware is also an option…

Of course it is. The real question is can you afford it. If you can you and your future is in this creative field then you should provide yourself with the best tools you can get. There is nothing worse than being straddled with inferior tools regardless of your trade.

I think it’s definitely worth buying.

You mentioned being a student. If you do qualify as a student you can get the $1199 per year SketchUp Studio for $55.

Start on this page:

If you are in the US click on the Subscribe button to get connected to Creation Engine. Or click on the Find a Reseller button if you’re outside of the US and Canada.

Thank’s for all the tips and advice! I’m glad to hear that I can keep SU make for a longer period of time than I thought, and that I can transfer over my projects between different versions of SketchUp. I might look in to SketchUp Studio as well. I wanted to get SU Pro but if I can get SU Studio for $55 US, if I register as a student, then I think that will be a better choice. Anyways, thank you all for the helpful advice! I will start looking into getting it!