New License Model required

In 2021, I bought the last Perpetual PRO licence (cost me over 1000 CAD$). Now, my Licence is getting old and Trimble doesn’t allow to renew the licence under the old marketing model. You now need to buy subscription. Furthermore, in a few month, I won’t have access to the warehouse anymore because Trimble will remove that access to licence prior to 2022 (a decision they recently made). No doubt they are doing that to force people like me to pay a subscription.

For enthousiasm like me I think there is a need for PRO Licence for many different reason.
the web version is not RAM wise and some of my model (a SAAQ Quebec alcohol store that got more then 1000 Wine bottle) doesn’t even load in the Web Browser version.

Trimble must not forget that enthousiasm like me provide good, FREE, accurate model that we put in Trimble warehouse for all of their user to use FREELY.

Here what I think Trimble should do:
Take your PRO Windows version and make a version that cannot export in other format.

Profesionnal never use Sketchup alone, they Use sketchup for 70% of the work, then they export to another cad software like Autocad and continue from there to add details, light and stuff.

If Trimble market a PRO version for individual at a reasonable price, it will not only please all enthousiasm modeler like me, it will also allow his warehouse to continue to be filled with good accurate model.

People who PAY for subscription mostly are working for compagny. When they do a “new” model, they often don’t put it on the warehouse because it’s paid job for their work.

Enthousiasm modeler provide a lot of FREE work to Trimble warehouse.
I think we deserve an afordable version we can use because the Web version simply don’t cut it’s slow, it’s not Chromium base compatible (it work with Chrome but not with other Chromium engine) and it’s not RAM wise.

I paid my initial PRO version around 1000 CAD$ (699 US$) and every 3-4 year I would be ready to invest a portion of that amount to refresh my version. It’s good money for Trimble, it would please the community and if you limit that kind of version to “No export” I believe it’s an all win/win situation.
I don’t care I can’t export, I’m only using Sketchup anyway.

I hope Marketing section of Trimble can hear my plea and allow us to be able to continue to model for fun.
Plz vote YES !

You can access and will still be able to access the 3D Printer warehouse via a web browser.
You can download and upload files via

Sure, but that would mean I need to access the model from Web Warehouse, dowload it, then
ASK SOMEONE to convert it for me to 2021.1 model (Warehouse will be all converted to 2022 model on January 2025 based on Trimble calendar. and then it will work in my 2021 version.

SketchUp 2022.1 will open 2022.2 or 2023, or 2024 files with no problem. There will be no need to convert them.

Why have you not at least updated to the last version of SketchUp 2022?

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You can download DAE files and SU2022+ files and you can open it.

Weren’t the last perpetual licenses sold for version 2021?

I thought that was the case. I wasn’t addressing that, though. The OP claims to have purchased a Classic license for 2022 so …

Because my licence expired in october and 1 week later, Trimble updated to make their 2022 format version.
So I’m stuck with a version that everytime I download from Warehouse, it tell me I’ll lose capability by saving it to 2021 version
Trimble refused to update my version to same as Warehouse version. I’m stuck but at least I got a working PRO version.

Yes but I lose “fonctionality” according to Trimble.
it’s very little though and most model doesn’t use thoses feature. I noticed problem mainly in Layer (some layer object get send back to default layer) and texture.

I don’t know wich other functionality I lose, because other then layer and some texture, all my 2022 model downgraded to 2021 seem to work fine other then a mess in layerin

Hmmm… yes, you’re right. I’m not home right now I got the 30 days 2024 version here.
but my perpetual version, I think you’re right it’s 2021.

and according to Trimble calendar, in January 2025, they’ll update the warehouse model and I’ll be no more able to download model to my 2021 version.

sorry for my mistake, I edited my claim.
Nevertheless, that’s NOT THE ISSUE.

I’m asking Trimble to make a new PRO licence for enthousiam modeler (at a reasonable price)
and I’m asking the community to upvote that idea !

You lose 2024 functionality that you don’t have in 2022. Such as “snaps” or ambient occlusion.

And if the file never used those - you lose nothing.

The happy thing is that the current file format version is the same as in the 2021 version. When you open a file made in the 2024 version with v.2021 you get a warning message but the file should open. New modeling features added after 2021 will not be preserved. Snaps might be the only one today.

Glad to hear… but it doesn’t mean future upgrade will work at all.
That’s why my main issue is an upgraded version at a reasonable price
I don’t use Sketchup professionnally, I’m not making any money out of it, there is no other CAD software that is intuitif like that Google (in the past) software or that is FREE.
and at my age learning new software doesn’t come cheap

You were able to take out support and maintenance which perpetual licenses - this enabled you get to get all upgrades during that time for something like $100.
It seems like you, like most others chose to not take that reasonable upgrade cost.

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I’d love to see a “Make” version of SketchUp similar to SketchUp 2017 Make, especially the ability to RUN EXTENSIONS.
Don’t need Layout, Style Builder, DWG export, Diffusion, etc. Don’t want to pay for it.
I’d pay $99 per year for that…

Hi, [ Elmtec-Adam]
I did that… if I remember correctly it was spomething like 170 CAD$
but it last only 1 year and after that, they stopped the support.

The old Classic license was set up so that after your initial license purchase, you could continue support annually by paying the upgrade fee. This would also entitle you to use the latest version of SketchUp. If you chose to stop paying, you would lose support and access to newer versions.

A subscription license is currently less than $30 US per month. I spend more than that on my woodworking hobby. Personally, if I was using SketchUp strictly to support my woodworking hobby, I would find the price offsets material and time waste in the shop.

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Exactly this DaveR I pay a yearly sub for SU just to prototype my woodworking to save wastage on materials, especially as the price of timber (lumber) here in the UK is astronomical and showing no signs of coming down any time soon either.

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