SketchUp Pro 8 Installer Download

I have a license for sketchup pro 8. I recently got a new computer and want to reinstall version 8 so that I can re-activate my license. Any help to locate this older version would be appreciated.

The fact that SketchUp 8 has been superceded and not been supported anymore for years is indeed a problem for downloading the official installer. Take in mind that SketchUp 8 also hasn’t received updates to close security vulneribilities in included libraries.

Usually, older versions are officially available here: Downloading older versions | SketchUp Help (only down to 2015). Since it has been dropped from that list, you need to find it on the internet and verify it is not manipulated or infected. seem to have only the non-Pro version of SketchUp 8.

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Be aware, that the system requirements of SU version 8 (rel. 09/2010) do not cover recent operating systems as Windows 8.x/10 or macOS 10.12:

SketchUp Pro 8-EN f. Windows XP/Vista/7
SketchUp Pro 8-EN f. Mac OS X v10.5/6/7/8


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