Difficulty downloading Sketchup 2010 when I have Serial and Authorisation numbers

Hi all,
I’ve found that we have a License for Sketchup Pro 2010. Unfortunately the guy who was registered user is no longer with us but I want to reactivate and use the programme on my new office laptop. I have the serial number and authorisation number. Sketchup inform me that they no longer support this version and that I should ask the Community where I can download it which is why I’m here now. They also require - last 4 digits of bank account used to purchase, date of purchase, and billing address which is a nuisance but I can get.
Any help on the download aspect would be greatly appreciated.

There never was a “SketchUp Pro 2010”. The SketchUp versions went from SketchUp 8 to SketchUp 2013. You would need to sort out exactly which version you have the license for.


Yes, you’re quite right. It was Sketchup version 8 Pro. It was bought in 2010. Thanks


Here’s a thread that may help.

Keep in mind that there may be issues related to operating system incompatibility. In addition, the 3D Warehouse and the Geo-Location features no longer support that ancient version.

Good luck.

links in the thread seem dead
here’s one that works : http://www.oldversion.fr/windows/google-sketchup-8-0-16846

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I’ve tried the link but don’t seem to get anywhere!

I downloaded it and installed it fine !
I know the website is in french, but installer and sketchup are in english. click on “télécharger maintenant”, right below the stars. It will load another page and download will beging shortly

I read through your support email, and it wasn’t clear that you had the license details and only needed the installer. We have to be protective about license details, and go through those steps to make sure it is your license.

In this case, coming to the forum to find an archive of the installer was the best option.