How to move sketchup pro 8 to a different PC?

I have a perpetual license for Sketchup pro 8 running on windows 7.
The PC does not function well any more and I need to move to another PC.
I do not find where to download the version 8.0.15158.
I will then uninstall on the old PC and activate the license. Also the problem is that I will require an activation code which I do not know where to get.
Any help is welcome

Did you keep the installer file you would have downloaded? I don’t know where you would find a legitimate source for downloading it nearly a decade after it was last supported. You should also look for the e-mail you would have received with the license. Before you remove SU8 from the old computer, at least look in the License information in Help to get what you can retrieve. Not sure if you can still get the key for your old SU8 file but it might won’t take long to find out at Keep in mind that SketchUp 8 was a Google product. Google sold off SketchUp though. SketchUp 8 hasn’t been supported and many of the features no longer work.

I wouldn’t know if I would still have the ‘installer file’. I believe I kept the record of the transaction on paper as it ‘may be needed in the future’ but as we have recently moved it could be in a file in a box some where! I have already tried the link you indicated and as I have my licence number I was referred to the ‘licenced reseller’ I bought the product from. He no longer deals with ‘Sketchup’ and could not help either!
I’m not a big user of sketchup but it does has it’s uses for me.

It would likely be in a Downloads folder on the computer you have SketchUp installed on.

Have you tried searching your old e-mails for the SketchUp license information?

link shared with Trimble Connect, it will expire in 3 days

The license manager page will show your license details, but it’s an old enough license that the option to send the authorization code to you is not there.

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Hello Mike,
I tried that link but it did not work for some reason. I do now have an authorisation code so if the link can be reset I’d like to try again.

try this:

Hello Mike,

I’m afraid that does not appear to work either! It opens up the trimble connect page and just sits there ‘working’.

The page fails to load in Safari or in IE, but works in Chrome or recent versions of Edge.

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I tried to open this in Chrome still not working!

Perhaps @MikeWayzovski could use WeTransfer, or some other file sharing system?

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