Moving Sketchup and license to a new PC

I’m trying to install sketchup from my old PC (XP) to my new PC (8.1). My serial number is invalid and I have no authorization number. How is this done?

Have you followed the steps listed in this help article?

There is also this article about retrieving your license information:

Finally, be sure you are downloading the same version of SketchUp on your new computer. If none of this works, let me know!

Thank you for your quick reply. My license is for SketchUp Pro 8.My new PC runs on Windows 8.1 my old PC on XP. The links you sent me are suggesting that SketchUp Pro 8 does not run on Windows 8 or 8.1.
Do I need to buy Sketchup again or is version Pro 8 going to be revised to work with Windows 8.1 operating system?
Sorry for asking such basic questions but there is not a lot of talk about this subject.
Thanks for your help.

Okay. Thanks for the additional info. I would guess that SketchUp 8 (free and Pro) will not be updated to work with Windows 8.x. BUT you can get a license for SketchUp 2014, as that version is compatible with Windows 8.1.

Because you have purchased a SketchUp Pro license, you should be able to go to License Manager | SketchUp and pay an upgrade fee of $95 (as opposed to a new purchase price of $590). This fee will give you

  • SketchUp Pro 2014 (a perpetual license), and
  • Any new versions of SketchUp released in the 12 months from purchase

In a year’s time, you will have the option to renew your maintenance plan for another $95, or cancel the plan. If you cancel, your updated version of SketchUp Pro 2014 will continue to work, as you will receive a perpetual license for use.

Hope this helps. As always, please write back if anything I said is unclear!

Brandon,Thank you again. I’m writing back to let you know that everything you’ve said is perfectly clear. I’m very appreciative of your help.Sincerely Peter

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When I tried the link in your email the only option I get in the shopping cart is to reinstate a maintenance and support contract for one year for $145 USD. In a top dropdown box, on the page linked in your email, there was an upgrade selection but it too returned me to the single shopping cart option of maintenance. I’m convinced this shopping cart line item is going to supply me a maintenance agreement that has nothing to do with an upgrade. Any suggestions?
Single-user Price: $145 USD New expiration date: 9/3/2015Enroll/Reinstate Maintenance & Support, Single Userx remove
Peter Redden

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"If you’re upgrading from an older version of Pro to SketchUp Pro
2014, you can upgrade your single-user license for $95* … per seat by visiting our online License Wizard.

You will receive the same benefits as a new customer: a perpetual SketchUp Pro 2014 license and one year of major version upgrades, maintenance, and support.

*Please note, there’s a $50 Enrollment fee if upgrading a SketchUp Pro 8 or older license."

“If you skip upgrading for one year, you would pay an upgrade cost of $95 for single-user license … plus a
enrollment fee of $50. The total cost will be $145 if upgrading after skipping the upgrade for one year (**plus 30 days grace period) or more.”

Source: Upgrade, Maintenance, and Support program details

** added by author

Oh man. Thanks @sketch3d_de, I totally missed the enrollment fee. Sorry for the wrong info, @reddencatboat.