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I purchased a Pro Version 6 license and, per SketchUp’s directions, kept the email with the download link and followed its instructions. Problem is, the download link misdirects to a page aimed at selling me a new license for an additional $695. I don’t want a new license, I’m just trying to get the software I’ve already purchased from SketchUp. I’m getting no help from Trimble–does anyone have any advice (other than buying a new license)?

PS: I’m just a solo user looking to run SketchUp on one computer–nothing fancy.



Version 6 hasn’t been available for many years. I don’t know of any source to get it from but if you find one, be very suspicious. It may come with malware. It’ll certainly be a download at your own risk sort of thing.

If you are using it for non-commercial use, you can install SketchUp 2017 Make which is available from the SketchUp site


Please refer to your Private Messages. I sent a PM that includes relevant information.


be aware, that the system requirements of SU version 6 (2007) do obviously not cover recent operating systems, therefore issues may arise, especially under but not limited to macOS.


Thanks DaveR. I’m an architect, so need a Pro version. That’s why I bought the commercial license.


How did you loose the installation of SketchUp 6?

This advice may come to late for you but others reading this thread may benefit, so here goes:

It is wise to have backup’s of important files. Download links changes all the time. So a backup of the installer file is evenly important as the excutables and document files.

Software evolves, just like building regulations. I am sure that you received information through out the years about new functionalities, updates or changing policies regarding support of Operating Systems etc. You could even say that they, (Trimble or Google) tried to help you over these years to keep you up and running SketchUp, regardless wether you’d accepted to go along or not.

A Stand Alone SketchUp license is ‘perpetual’ , meaning, you can use it for ever, but it does not imply endless support.


you can download down to version 4 from our SketchUp download archive (DE/EN only).


After a decade or more, it’s not surprising to lose a file once in awhile. :slight_smile:


Thanks, SketchUp_Moderator, for passing me along to Customer Support. They claim that, they don’t have access to V6, since it was a Google SketchUp product, not a Trimble SketchUp product. In my opinion, this doesn’t pass the smell test and isn’t relevant—when Trimble bought SketchUp, it bought the assets and the liabilities.

When I bought the software, SketchUp sent me a download link and these instructions: “Please SAVE THIS EMAIL in case you need to re-install and/or re-authorize SketchUp Pro in the future.”

The link was in lieu of the CD’s that SketchUp came on in the old days. In my mind, when they stopped providing CD’s and directed you to use their download link for future reinstalls, they were obligating themselves to maintain the link.

I suggested that SketchUp could send me V6, send me a post V6 version if they’ve truly lost that one, or refund my purchase. Surprise—they suggest I pay $695 for another license.


Again, how did you loose the installation?


I’m not sure. Does it make a difference?


I think it’s just time for you to upgrade to the current version.

Even if you could get V6, many of the features are no longer functional, anyway.


I think it’s up to each license holder to decide when enough value has been added to a product to justify the cost of an upgrade.


As users we really aren’t in the position to make statements suggesting what Trimble’s responsibilities and liabilities are. If you want to persue this you will most likely require a lawyer.

Personally I know I can’t / won’t support software that is that old. I will however provide installs for older versions and I won’t make any claim on how well or how bad it will be based on new hardware and OS and in my case SU version.


What will I do? We’ll see, I’ve not given up on finding V6. I don’t need it for another couple of months. Obviously, I don’t have the resources to fight Trimble, so I’ll have to chalk this one up to experience. An upside from all of this is learning that I don’t like doing business with Trimble. I had a good experience with Google, when they owned SketchUp. And I remember meeting SketchUp’s founder, when it was still a privately-held company. But after my current experience, I don’t plan to give Trimble any money. Fortunately, the market provides options. Colleagues that know more about this than I do suggest Rhino as the preferred software for what I am up to. Do you folks have any experience with/thoughts on Rhino?


You were given a link 9 or so posts back to download V6.


Depending on how you lost it, there might be other ways to retrieve what is lost. (Data-retrieval, insurance policies etc.)

Anyway, there were two suggestions for downloads, if I am not mistaken, so most likely, that is not the real issue?

I also was a User-since-back-when @Last developed SketchUp and bought a license for under 275 dollar back then. I choose to add value to the product by paying for the first upgrades and maintenance in the following years. (all together adding up to 700 dollars in total , or so…= new license price)

I also decided to add more value in the software by using it more and more instead of waiting what the developers came up with.

Every year I received information by email regarding the latest updates, changing policies, download links etc.
Every year I decided to add value.


Thanks, Box. I’m aware of and appreciative of that post. Like I said, I’ve not given up on finding V6.


Mike, I have zero argument with the approach you’ve chosen–I’m glad it’s working well for you and hope it continues to.


From subsequent posts, it sounds like you have become more intent on challenging Trimble than merely finding V6. @SketchUp3D_de is a reputable reseller who generously maintains installers for back versions and provided a link. You may not like their final answer, but you aren’t going to change it. Just download the installer and move on…