Can't add Licence details


I’ve just purchased SketchUp Pro 2014 and I’m trying to input my licence details as it advises, however I’m not able to copy and paste the details in as it says to, nor do I have a “Key” that it requires. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help?


Hello Jack,

Check your spam folder.
You should have received an email with information like this…

Registered User Name:
Company / Organization:
Serial Number:
Authorization Number:


Hi Geo,

Thanks but I received that email fine and have been copying and pasting the serial number. It requests a “Key” and not the “authorisation code” that’s included in the email. Ignoring this indifference, I copy and paste the authorisation code into the key box and it says it’s invalid.

I’ve waited for the support line to open and now it has, they won’t pick-up. To make things more annoying, the links included on the email for the “online form” doesn’t link to anything.

Not happy at all.

I realise the issue now. I have a Windows licence and I need Mac. Not sure how this happened as I’m pretty adamant I selected Mac but oh well. Now I need to switch it over. Do you know if this is possible?

I understand that switching a license is possible for a fee. You should fill in the contact form in Support - Customer Support Question | SketchUp Help


Hi jackwilko,

This is a holiday weekend for our team, so we haven’t got anyone manning the phones until tomorrow. I’m sure we can get your license sorted out when the team is back at full attention.

@jody will you keep an eye out for Jack, too?


Hi John,

Ah that explains it. Thanks for getting back to me.
I’ve sent a couple of emails to your support line querying the change of licence.

I’ll work with the trial version until I hear back.


Thanks Anssi,
I dropped them an email.
Nice one.

I haven’t checked email yet but wanted to chime in here since it’s a pretty universal answer…

SketchUp for Windows will have a Serial Number and Authorization Number.
SketchUp for OS X will have a Serial Number and Key.

For all intents and purposes, an Authorization Number is a Key and you may bump into one where you’re expecting another.

Regarding your license type, we have a great Knowledge Center troubleshooter clarifying if you’ve got yourself a Windows license or a Mac or if you have other problems here: SketchUp Licensing Troubleshooter | SketchUp Help

In the case of this thread, you can tell which type of license you have based on if it ends with W for Windows or ends with m for Mac.

If you’ve ended up with a Windows license and you’re using a Mac, you need to contact the sales team and have them correct it. We do have a charge for changing operating systems if you’re changing platforms later in life, however if it’s an honest mistake within the first few weeks of the initial purchase then we’ll waive the fee and get you up and running but, you still have to reach out to sales.

The important thing for all license problems is to visit the License Troubleshooter first, it will walk you through the different things to be aware of and likely speed up any support requests you need to make.

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Thanks for the information Jody !! So now its clear that my original SU Pro 8 purchased with Classic license can not be authorized on my Mac since the serial number end in W (Windows) instead of M (Mac). I have been trying to authorize it and keep getting “License Invalid / Authorization code is invalid”. Need to install on two computers as permitted for single user between office and home. Any work arounds on this or am I outta luck? Much appreciated !!

The workaround is to emulate windows on the Mac and install SketchUp there.

Or bootcamp:

Both will need a valid Windows version.

The question is, will these efforts be satisfying enough compared to buying a more recent version…

@MikeWayzovski makes a good point. Is it worth the effort to get SU8 running on your computers?

If you want to change the license so that you can run it on your Macs, you’ll need to contact Customer Support directly but don’t hold your breath. They may not be willing or even able to make that change considering that SU8 is long out of support, you probably haven’t kept up Maintenance and Support, and it was released by Google, the previous owner of the software.

In addition, you would need to consider that a number of features in SU8 Pro haven’t been functional for years. There’ll be no direct access to the 3D Warehouse. The link SU8 uses to access it is long dead and there are no SU8 compatible files in the current 3D Warehouse anyway. Other features such as Add Location don’t work, either. Google took away the option to use their terrain data and imagery a few years ago.

Some current extensions will not work in SU8. Ruby has been changed a number of times over the years and most extensions have been updated along the way.

And while SU8 may run on your current operating system, it wasn’t designed to do that so you may find you have failures related to that.

If you have SketchUp Pro 8 and only now are getting it going again, could you perhaps say that it’s just for personal interest? If that’s the case you could update to the Mac version of Make 2017, from this page:

I checked whether I could make a SketchUp 8 Mac license for you, and I don’t think I can. But anyway, SketchUp 8 was quite likely a Classic Mac app, and wouldn’t work on your macOS 10.13.