Crash, crash, and more crashes

I have a file I have been using for months. Suddenly today whenever I select anything in one area Sketchup crashes. I have even gone back to copied files several months old and the same thing happens.

Version 17.2.2554. Not pro.

What do I do?

I would try disabling all extensions and see what happens.
Does it only happen on that project?

“Window > Model Information > Statistic > Whole Model > Fix problems/Purge unused”

first try updating SU to the version that supports your mac version…


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I completely uninstalled SU and then reinstalled. The immediate problem seems to be resolved.

Did you download the latest revision of SU2017 to install?

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When you say, no copy you have always a copy each five minutes, and your file often begin by a tilde, or double tilde, in fact Sketchup make a save automatically.

So for the first time, try watch your file with a tilde.

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