SketchUp crashed when trying to export

Just updated to the latest version. When I try to export, SketchUp crashes. It doesn’t matter what file I use. I’ve shut down my computer, booted up, and re-opened SketchUp, created a new drawing, and it still crashes. TIA!

SU Pro Version 21.1.278 OSX 10.13.6


I don’t have a solution for you here, but rather a suggestion that you be a little more precise about what version of SU you are using, and on What OS.

If there is a glitch in the works… it will be a lot easier to verify it, if common occurrences can be found between different users.

i.e. SU 2021.1.1 on a OSX 10.11.5

Opps, edit done! Thanks!

Not much to go on - perhaps share a file that this is happening to.

You’re on Mac - I’m aware of some issues with Mac but I’m on Windows so don’t take too much notice of the Mac issues.

Do you get a bugsplat window when you open SketchUp again? If you do, can you send one of them in?

I’ve tried different files. I even created a new file - just an extruded circle - and it did the same thing so I pretty sure it’s not any specific file. I’ve thought about uninstalling SketchUp and reinstalling a fresh copy. Maybe it has something to do with the update?

I’ve just sent in the bugsplat report. In the comment section, I pasted in the same description I used to start this thread. Thanks!

Got the bugsplat, thanks.

In Preferences, General, is an option to automatically fix problems. Can you try unchecking that, then open a file and try an export again.

Same thing happened. Sent in the new bugsplat. Thanks!

Next thing to try…

Close SketchUp.
Use Finder’s Go menu, Go to Folder, and paste in this text:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp

In that folder, rename Plugins to be anything else. Open SketchUp and try the export again.

If it still crashes, go back into that folder and delete the new Plugins folder, and rename the old folder back to be Plugins again.

If it doesn’t crash, then one or more of your extensions are having an issue running under 2021. You should run Fredo6’s update option, to see if he has updated his extensions to be more compatible with 2021.1.

Unfortunately it still crashed. What about deleting and reinstalling the application? If that is a viable option, do I just remove the app to the trash or do I need to delete the entire SketchUp 2021 folder? Thanks!

If you wanted to try reinstalling the app you would drag the SketchUp 2021 folder to trash, then copy across the SketchUp 2021 folder from the disk image window.

You could, if you wanted to, try using the 2021.0.1 version, in case the crashing was introduced with a change in the 2021.1 update. You can get the previous version from here:

Mac SketchUp 2021.0.1 disk image

I went ahead and deleted the updated version and reinstalled the old version and everything works now. I might wait to do any other updates until there is an update to the update. Thanks for you help!