Pro 17.2.2554 crashes when closing a file

Latest version of Pro, most current version of MacOS, and when I close an .SKP file, SketchUp crashes. I’m not having a problem opening .SKP’s or working, but go to close 1 .SKP and SketchUp blinks out taking any other open .SKP’s with it. Suggestions anyone?

Getting a BugSplat or not? If so, have you submitted them? Is the crash consistently repeatable, or sporadic? For any model, or just certain ones? How large are your models? What sort of extensions do you have installed?

My experience has been that a mystery crash when you weren’t doing something exotic usually is due to an error in an extension. Unless the crash is consistently repeatable, it can be hard to nail down which extension…

I also have 17.2.2554 on MacOs 10.12.6.

I am not getting a BugSplat. It’s pretty much any model now. Started when I was working on one that had a ton of components included. And it’s pretty much every time I close a model. Sometimes skips once, but starts again on the next one.

When I restart SU the affected files, including the one I was trying to close, reopen. I can close it then and keep on working.

My extensions are few; Advanced Camera Tools, Dynamic Components, Photo Textures, Sandbox Tools, and Trimble Connect. That’s it.

I’m stymied and quickly going insane.

Try copy all into a blank new model

Hey Barry - problem is not related to any one model. So I am confused how copying some work into a new, empty model will fix it. Some are these were brand new, empty models that I started, worked in them, and had the same problem closing those as any other.

Not sure about this but if MAC OS is similar to Linux you could execute the program from a shell, that when the program gets closed you maybe can read some info from the terminal.

In macOS you would open Console to get a trace of the messages flying around the place. You can filter on text, so typing ‘sketchup’ should reduce the list to relevant ones. You can also Clear the display before making it crash, to make it easier to see what is being reported.

I’ve seen the crashing when closing the last document window before, but I can’t remember what fixed it.

Are you submitting bug splats then, and with an email or a “hey Barry” in comments so I can find it? And what version SketchUp on PC or Mac would help, too. If it’s any model, then yea, I’d need to see bugsplats. @spawn, you can also look for crashes in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/SketchUp* and in Terminal just type ‘open SketchUp_2017*’ to look at all your crashes with SketchUp 2017 (or send them in to me or support if you can’t figure out what’s going on). The top 2 I look for - something with ATI or NVIDIA for graphics, or rb or ruby for ruby crashes.

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So, not to sound too dumb or anything, but… How does BugSplat work? Is it something to turn on in SU? Or a 3rd party software? I have never used it before. Thanks.

Usually when SketchUp crashes a windows shows up and tells you SketchUp has crashed. This is the bugsplat. Sometimes however SketchUp just closes without the bugsplat appearing but it happens very rarely. Often people also say SketchUp has crashed when it is unresponsive but still running, in those cases there is no bugsplat.

SU is definitely crashing, but I do not receive a Bugsplat. I do get a MacOS dialog that says it “quit unexpectedly” and do I want to report it to Apple.

Is Bugsplat something I have to turn on in SU?

Sometimes the crash doesn’t make it all the way to bugsplat. But as mentioned above, it should be stored in YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/SketchUp_2017-MONTH-DATE-TIME+YOUR_USER_NAME+MACHINE_NAME.crash. Click on my name in this thread, go to my profile, and send me your most recent crash. Please replace all capitalized words with your values for the things listed when you’re looking for things.

I have definitely narrowed down the conditions to see this crash.

Working on one SKP at a time and there are no problems. Try to close one SKP wth other open and you get the crash. Once crashed, then even working in one SKP at a time crashes when closing until you reboot.

Inconvenient as all get out, but SU is still working up to that point.

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