Sketchup crashes when closing a file


Every time I try and close a Sketchup model file it crashes the whole program. Anybody have a clue why this might be happening? I am using Sketchup 2016 on an 8 Core iMAC Pro (OS High Sierra 10.13.6). In an effort to troubleshoot I have already removed all plugins.

Crash report submitted #104783


Have you been sending BugSplats in with identifying information such as your name or e-mail address?

Keep in mind that SketchUp 2016 was released prior to High Sierra and there have been some issues related to the newer OS.

Please update your profile with the correct information. There is no 2016 web based version of SketchUp.


Hi Dave. Profile updated thanks. I haven’t sent crash reports with my email address but I will do this next time I experience a crash (which will be when I close the file I am currently working on, it is pretty much a 100% probability).


It’s not likely that the volunteers on the forum will be able to do much with a crash report, as it is pretty technical and usually impossible to analyze without access to the SketchUp source code. It’s much more important to use the BugSplat with contact info to send the report to Trimble. However, it is helpful to them if you include here the crash report number you get when you submit a BugSplat.