SketchUp 2016 Pro crashes (everytime) when closing

Hello, my new SketchUp Pro 2016 crashes often during utilisation and every single time when closing the app. An Apple problem report winsow appears. Help desperately needed. Thanks in advance, Marcel

which OS X version and machine?

do you run any Plugins or Extensions or xtral Monitors or Space Mouse, etc…


Hello John,
I am running OS X 10.11.4 (15E65) on a Macbook Pro 13’ (end of 2011) 2,4 GHz Intel Core i5. I have the following extensions:

  • designPH loader
  • designPH
  • 1001bit tools
  • engineering toolbox
  • dibac
  • skalp
  • advanced camera tool
  • dynamic components
  • grid tool
  • sand box tool
  • trimble connect
  • photographic textures
  • edge tools2
  • TT Lib2
  • Twilight2
    Thnx, Marcel

none jump out, but I don’t know all of those…

I suspect at least one is trying to store additional information during use and on close…

are they all the latest versions, and do you need them all on fall of the time?

I would also test by turning off all extensions in Preferences, I SU behalves, then turn back on one at a time to see if there is a suspect…

are you sending in useful BugSplat reports? [even just adding your Username from here helps]…


Unfortunately, getting an Apple problem report instead of a BugSplat indicates a crash of a sort that the BugSplat system couldn’t catch. @MDSQY, could you copy the top portion of the Apple report to a post here, say 50 lines or so (select the text after paste and use use the </> button to format it better).

I often get both, if don’t click the Apple one it disappears and BugSplat then takes a while to pop up…