SketchUp Pro 2016 keeps crashing (not responding)


Sketchup pro 2016 keeps crashing! I tried removing extensions and uninstalling and reinstalling without any luck. I used it extensively the week before without any problems. I did not install any new extensions. There was a pop-up that said one of my (fredo) plugins folder was missing but it continued crashing after I had fixed the problem.

There are a few consistent actions that prompt the crash

1.When I leave the program for a few minutes and return to it (regardless if there is just a single plane)
2. Working with larger models

Thank you

Try repairing the SketchUp installation. Find the installer,
right-click it, and choose “Run as administrator.”

Close all File Explorer instances, except one.
In File Explorer, turn OFF the Preview and Details panes.
Close and reopen File Explorer.

Do a full scan of your computer with your AV, and anti-malware.