Sketchup 2015 closes unexpectedly


Hello, I have a brand new Dell XPS 13 with a 5th generation I5, intel HD5500 graphics chip and 4 gigs of ram. While I’m using shetchup to create a very simple 3d model, it closes unexpectedly. It is not performing an operation at the time and the model is static. Any ideas?


SketchUp 2015 (64-bit) and Intel HD Graphics 5500


I searched through our database and couldn’t find your crash report. Can you tell me (PM if necessary) the username or email address you put on the BugSplat crash report?




Don’t know what you mean by a crash report. Never got a screen asking for my email and no bugsplat. Sketchup just goes away unexpectedly.



Ah, that’s a problem then. In theory, when SketchUp crashes a “BugSplat” dialog should appear that offers the opportunity to send us a report. If SketchUp is crashing on your machine without showing a dialog, the best we’ll be able to do is offer some general suggestions.

You say that you’re in the middle of creating a model and SketchUp closes unexpectedly? Presumably any changes you’ve made to the model since the last save are lost?

What version of SketchUp are you running? Do you have any extensions installed?


I downloaded the latest 2015 version. There are no extensions installed. Any progress that has not auto-saved is lost. I’m thinking it is my machine. I may just return it and get one with a dedicated graphics chip.



The probable culprit. Have you tried to look for an update to your graphics driver? Graphics chips usually do not support OpenGL well, and they are not recommended for SketchUp.



if disabling “Windows > Preferences > OpenGL > Use hardware acceleration” fixes the problem, the GPU resp. the OpenGL support of the video driver used is identified as the cause of the problem.

for small models the intel i5 V might be fast enough even with the hardware acceleration by the GPU disabled.


No crash…

Hardware accelerated 16 bit true color 2x anti aliasing

Intel® HD Graphics 4400

Driver date: 24.04.2014


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