I have graphic display crashes with AMD

I have two laptop Nvidia & AMD graphic card but this crash will be appear with my AMD only, when this crash appear the software will stop working and I can do force close only I don’t know what is the problem and don’ know how to fix it.

My graphic card is RX6600M and updated AMD driver.

If anyone have solution please help me.
Thank you.

Did you get it from the AMD website? I wouldn’t trust automatic updates via Windows Update.
Check in control panel settings that SketchUp is using the AMD card.
You can also try if checking or unchecking “use fast feedback” in ´SketchUp, Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL and restarting SketchUp will make any difference.
One option to try might also be rolling back the driver.

I got download from AMD website and unchecked at “use fast feedback” but the problem persist. I will try to rolling back the driver

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I tried to roll back the driver but it’s doesn’t work :joy:

What do you see when you open the Preferences>OpenGL>Graphics Card Details window?

Thank you a lot for trying to help me, this is my setting

All I can offer is more questions:
Does this happen with all models or possibly only this one?
Was the model imported from some other application? It looks like there is at least a CAD plan drawing.
Is the model or parts of it very far from the SketchUp model origin? Did your CAD file use map coordinates?

  1. It’s happening in all models but different oftentimes.
  2. It’s literally a SketchUp model but has a CAD plan drawing.
  3. no have map coordinates in CAD files that I import.
  4. It’s an uncomplicated model just a column and beam

Thank you very much