SketchUp crashes. Why?

I started using SketchUp Make and it worked fine for a few days. Then it started crashing every few minutes. Now I have been away from work for two weeks and it is still the same.

I have uninstalled and installed many times, so that does not work.

What can I do?

Are you getting Bug splats when it is crashing?

commonly crashes like this are caused by the graphics driver. You might check to see if there’s an update available. Your profile indicates your graphics card is “7Blablolo”. That isn’t a supported graphics card.

Actually, putting nonsense in your profile doesn’t help anyone help you…

Yes, I am getting Bug Splats.

The graphic card is a mistake. I don’t know how that got in there??

Name: AMD Radeon™ R5 Graphics (is that the correct one?)

Sorry about that. And thank you!

Perhaps you could edit your profile to correct that. Also add the version number of your operating system and SketchUp version.

So check to see if there are any updates for the graphics card and install them if there are.

Done! Thanks again :slight_smile:


Now let us know about the graphics driver updates and if that fixes it.

AMD have been known to cause some issues. As a test you could start by going to Window/Preferences/Opengl and untick Use hardware acceleration.
This will make su slower, but if it stops the crashes then you know it is the graphic card.