Sketchup 2017 crashes when saving

Sketchup crashes evertime when i try to save a file.

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Sorry to hear that SU is crashing. Are you on a Mac or Windows system (and which version of the OS)? Which graphics card does your system have, and does it have the latest drivers?

Mark Chandler

In other words, please fill in the information in your profile!

This is also happening to me. Make 2016 works fine, but when I load one of my existing models into Make 2017 and try to save it (even as a new filename), Sketchup crashes. Even if I don’t try to save, Sketchup eventually crashes. I have also tried starting Sketchup fresh and just creating a new simple model and saving… same result.

@kevinmeier Are you getting a BugSplat window when it crashes? If so, would you mind submitting the error report?

Mark Chandler

Yes I am… I just submitted it.

Thanks, @kevinmeier

I using Windows 7 with an ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series graphics card. I also get the BugSplat Window and have submitted the error report several times.
I run Make 2016 without any problems on my system. Today i installed the 2017 Version and first everthing seems to be okay. I could open my old files and work on it. Than i had some random crashes like kevinmeier mentioned. But when i’m trying to save the file SU crashes immediately.

Thanks. I’ll look for the crash report.

I’m having the exact same problem, bug splat every time I try to save or save as.
Win 7, ATI Radeon HD 3200.
Make 2016 is no problem, only 2017

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Sorry you are crashing. Here is a Help Center article that may provide a workaround if you are crashing and you have an AMD graphics card.

I’m having the same issue with SU Make 2017 crashing repeatedly. (Win10, NViidia GEForce GTX460). Make 2016 behaved admirably, but 2017 Crashes at apparently random times (sometimes on save, sometimes while drawing, even sometimes at idle when I step away for a few minutes). I don’t get the bug splat every time but have sent numerous reports in when the bug splat screen appears.

Check that Win10 is actually using the Nvidea card. Can’t tell if your system has two but often win 10 overrides laptop settings and uses the integrated card.
Check in Window/Preferences/OpenGl what card is being shown in Graphic Card Details.

Yes, The NVidia card is the one in use. I also checked to make sure the driver is up to date (it is, 8/1/2016)

Thanks for our prompt attention.

Me too! sometimes bug splat, sometimes not. Layout also crashes when inserting a sketchup model. I don’t always submit the bug splats because of the annoying bug splat opens my browser with a very useless page, which interrupts my work, causing me to lose time closing it. I don’t need bug splat to open my browser to a webpage that has NO information.

Same problem here, my details are available in my profile.

Which version of SketchUp Make?

Oh yeah forgot to mention Make 2017

Maybe you could add 2017 to your profile.

Where are you trying to save files to?

A SD card with enough space