Sketchup keeps closing after few minutes every time I open it

I have just installed Sketchup Make 2016 with student license on a new computer, and every time I try to use it, the programme closes without warning after one or two minutes. Got no plugins, everything is updated, reinstalled already. Crash Report #285031 Please help

Likely it is related to your graphics card. The Intel HD graphics cards are known to be less than adequate in the department of OpenGL support. SketchUp relies on OpnGL so it’s important that the card and its drivers be able to handle it.

Try this:

Open SketchUp.
Immediately go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL.
Turn off Use Hardware Acceleration.
Click OK.

See if that makes it quit closing.

I turned Use Hardware Acceleration off but Sketchup keeps closing anyway. No idea what else I can do

Do you have 64-bit SketchUp installed? If so, uninstall it and install 32-bit. Many users have found that despite running 64-bit Windows, their computers aren’t up to the task of running 64-bit Sketchup.

I installed the 32bit version as you said and it seems that finally Sketchup works properly. Thank you for your help!

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