Automatic closing of the prgm after few secondes


I have installed Sketchup 2016 on my Toshiba Z30-B-11R, with Graphic card Intel HG Graphics 5500, FUll HD Screen. And I can not run the programs. I mean it start normally and after one action the program closed ( or crash) .

I think this is link with the Graphics card …

Someone can help me on this issue ?

Thanks in advance. BR Carlito

disable “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” and restart SU.

… or buy a capable Notebook w/ a dedicated graphics card, preferably a nVidia GeForce GT(X).

@carlto65 , There is a known issue with Intel HD Graphics 5500. Please see SketchUp 2015 (64-bit) and Intel HD Graphics 5500 for details and workaround (install SketchUp 32 bit).


Thanks for your comments.
I did some research on Intel HD graphic and come to the same point not compatible 64 bit version …
And I came to the same conclusion… TOshiba nice for office but not good for graphics.
I have tried now the 32 bit and it seems more stable, I have work on simle personal project and no crsh so far.

Thanks Have a nice day.Carlito

Dear Yogesh,

Thanks for your comments, I installed the 32 bit version and it works so far, not crash after 1 minute.

I wish a nice day. Carlito