Sketchup Application stopped working

Sketchup continually crashing after less than 2 minutes.

Hi looking for any known reason why Sketchup would continually crash on my computer? Downloaded today, have down a number of restarts of the computer, Sketch will not run more than a couple of minutes with the error “Sketchup Application has stopped working”


This is most likely related to your graphics card. You can search the forum and find many reports of similar behavior with Intel HD Graphics 5500 cards like yours. They seem to do a lousy job of handling OpenGL.

Open SketchUp and immediately go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Untick Use Hardware Acceleration. You’ll likely see an improvement in behavior. You can also check for graphics driver updates and install them.

you may want try updating your video driver first.

Thanks for the rapid feedback! Have updated all drivers and switched off hardware acceleration, but still the same issue. I have used previous versions of Sketchup quite a bit on all my previous laptops. This is the firstcombination I have had trouble with.

Please share your hardware info to begin with?
This might give someone a clue as to whatis going on.

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if using the 64-bit version of SketchUp you can try if switching to the SU x32 version fixes the issue.

yes, 32-bit applications do run under Windows x64.