SketchUp 2016 32bit & 64bit downloads (English)

Hi, I’m working in a school that has been testing out the new 2017 version of SketchUpPro. We have a number of 32 bit clients and 64 bit Windows 7 Pro machines. As 2017 doesn’t appear to support 32 bit anymore we need to download the 2016 version of SketchUP. We would like to use the MAKE version of Sketchup which I understand is free. Could someone point me in the direction of downloading the 32bit and 64bit (English) version of SketchUp Make 2016.


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Hello. SketchUp Product Downloads is where you can download all setups. SketchUp Make 2016, 32-bit however, is not listed there anymore.

Maybe if you download SketchUp Pro 2016, 32-bit and the trial ends, you will be left with the Make 2016 version? Not sure about that one, but you could try.

Actually, scratch that. I looked through the Community posts and @sketch3d_de has posted a direct download link that you’re looking for in this reply.

And here’s the actual link - SketchUp Make 2016, 32-bit

Ok, I think I’m having trouble with the Hyperlink here. Seems it’s not working. If you follow the reply, you’ll be able to download it. This is strange…

free for non-commercial use:

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