SketchUp Make 32 Bit Windows

I am unable to find any downloads for a 32 bit version of SketchUp Make for windows.

Has 32bit support been discontinued? I cant find any 32bit downloads for the earlier versions either?

SketchUp Product Downloads page has 32-bit versions of SketchUp 2016 and 2015. If I’m not mistaken the 2017 version dropped 32-bit support.

You are not mistaken

You are not mistaken. 32-bit has fallen by the wayside like floppy disks and 8-track tapes.

Visiting the page I can’t find any earlier versions of SketchUp make that still supported 32 bit only SketchUp Pro

I don’t disagree the technology dying but 32bit systems are still frequent on tablets/pc’s, the Pro Trial runs smoothly in 32bit on a Windows 10 tablet I’m using but I’m only a hobbyist user not looking to purchase the Pro version

Ow, my bad, I misread your original post, I’m sorry. @catamountain’s post is the right one. For quick access, go here - Downloading Older Versions of SketchUp.

Thanks folks, I’ve been searching all morning and 2016 is all I need :vulcan:

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Some older versions are available here:

Podrias pasarme el link de descarga porfavor