Looking for Sketchup Make 2016 download

Hello, I’ve been looking to try sketchup for a while now, but my 32 bit system isn’t compatible with the latest versions.

I’ve heard of sketchup make 2016, which was the final sketchup version that supports 32 bit operating systems. I’ve been looking for download links for quite a while now, but every forum posts seems to lead to a dead end, or a page that only shows up to 2017 version.

I’m only a hobbyist and want to use it for non-commercial purposes, so I don’t need the pro version.

If anyone can provide a download link or show me versions that will work on 32bit, it will be much appreciated. Thank you.


This is where you can still download old versions.

Hello, and thank you.

While this is the 2016 version download that I was looking for, this is unfortunately for sketchup pro 2016, which I don’t even have the license for, so I’m looking for the make version which I’ve heard is free.

Tho after some more forum readings, I’ve learnt that you can’t download it anymore, so I guess I should look for alternatives that works on 32bit. Still, thank you for your time, and sorry for the trouble.

It might be possible that the 2016 pro version will turn into Make after the trial period of 30 days…
I’m not sure, maybe @DaveR knows??

No. If the download was marked as 2016 Make it would start with the 30-day Pro trial and revert to Make. The Pro version won’t do that, however.

I was afraid that would be the answer.
Didn’t know for sure, thanks.

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