Magic Mouse with SketchUp 2016

Continuing the discussion from SketchUp 2016 is here!:

SketchUp communicates with peripherals using the drivers that are loaded on the operating system. For example, this has been an issue in the past with 3D Connexion devices, but we worked with them ahead of time so that they could release a new driver as soon as possible. With regard to a Magic Mouse, however, I would expect that to work without any driver changes. How is the mouse behaving?

My guess (I don’t have a magic mouse on my Mac, but I have a wireless mouse with scroll wheel/button) is that this is a matter of system preferences settings, most likely in how scroll and center button gestures are being passed to SketchUp.

It’s possible they mean gestures. Same would be true for Magic Trackpad and Magic Trackpad 2, it would be nice to use pinch and rotate gestures to move the scene around. Two fingers moving away from each other would bring the scene towards you, two fingers moving in the same direction would pan the scene, two fingers rotating would rotate the scene (something which is hard to do with the orbit tool) etc.

That would indeed be cool! But since (so far as I know) there isn’t support for gestures on any other input device, this would be a major new feature (as opposed to processing certain gestures as if they are mouse events). Should submit it as a feature request!

Some Mac mouse tips.

It’s identical to what should work in touch screen devices too, such as Windows machines that have touch screens. I imagine that there is already a request in for touch screen support.

I use a Logitech mouse that has a “gestures” button. When holding the thumb button down, you can move the mouse up, down, left, or right and the mouse registers the gesture. Using the Logitech software, you can map these gestures to OS commands or software specific commands. I use mine as hot keys in SketchUp. The Logitech software does it all, no changes in SketchUp needed.

Is is possible to map a gesture to, for example, zoom without actually mapping it to a scroll event? In other words, is there a way to invoke SketchUp tools that aren’t wired to mouse events?

MagicPrefs looks like it might help, though I couldn’t easily see a way to connect pinch actions to mouse wheel movement. In any case, it doesn’t support my Magic Trackpad 2, so I’ll have to try it in the future when that is supported.

There is an option to trigger Zoom events with the gestures, but they don’t work in SketchUp. I actually mapped my gestures to keyboard shortcuts for drawing and editing commands.

I was hoping for a full support, like in Rhinoceros. Right click and hold click to Orbit, better zoom support. I mean, it’s the mouse every Mac comes with…

Mine didn’t come with that noise.

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I suspect it was an auto correct of “mouse”.

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Probably autocorrect. But wrong anyway: MacBooks do not come with any mouse, just a trackpad! However, it would still be cool if trackpad gestures worked as requested.

I don’t use a mouse on my trackpad MBP. I agree, it’d be nice to have, and internally I do bug people about this from time to time. We’ll see what the next release holds.

I feel sure that “mouse” was being used to refer to the generic input device that comes with Mac notebooks.

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Yeah, sorry for that. Of course it was iOS autocorrection.
By the way…really? Should we really have to wait for a Sketchup 2017 release and hoping for this?
I don’t understand why does this take so long. Please, try just five minute Rhinoceros Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad integration, and tell me if I’m wrong :blush:

[quote=“marcodileo, post:17, topic:17675”]
I don’t understand why does this take so long
[/quote] because they been dicking about with ‘trays’ for PC’s…

I’m am joking…

kind of…


tray bien…

I’m open to any data points (Rhino et al) that will help me make the case to up it’s priority. That will also be affected by our Mac to PC ratio, so use Macs, please. :smile: And no, we do maintenance releases from time to time, so it could be added. And yes, I knew it was an autocorrect, I was just having some fun.


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