Trackpad multi-finger gestures in Sketchup Pro 2023 (similar to Sketchup Web behaviors)?

I just upgraded from Sketchup Web to Skethchup Pro 2023.

Docs for Sketchup 2021 say… “”" Two-finger Pan and Pinch-to-Zoom in LayOut on Mac

‘Enable two-finger Pan’ is a new navigation option in LayOut on MacOS (available in General preferences). Designed to optimize trackpad use if you don’t have a mouse, this preference allows you to pan the view using a two-finger swipe on a touchpad. If you want to stick with two-finger zooming, you can hold the Command modifier key in either state of the preference to switch between Pan and Zoom. Alongside this new preference, we’ve also enabled a pinch-to-zoom gesture. This zoom is available whether you choose to pan or zoom with a two-finger swipe. After a round of feedback, we are looking forward to bringing this capability to LayOut on Windows as well.“”"

… BUT I can’t find any of that in Sketchup 2023. How do I enable trackpad / multi-finger navigation gestures in Sketchup Pro 2023?

Those changes are in LayOut, not SketchUp.

This is an old topic, but two of the senior SketchUp product managers posted replies. You could add a comment to that topic, to say that you too would like to have trackpad support in SketchUp.

In Layout on Mac, two-finger panning works a bit too fast and isn’t smooth, and the pinch-in and out gesture is inverted for some reason."

The inverted part annoys me too. It’s because in SketchUp zooming is movement of the camera, and to get the natural scrolling that Windows users get for free, and that all other Mac apps get as well, you have to go into settings, compatibility, and click on Invert. LayOut uses the same setting, but is otherwise a more Mac friendly app. Which means the pinching is not natural in LayOut if you have set it to be natural in SketchUp.

I live with that oddity by using two finger scroll to zoom in and out in LayOut.