Inconsistent Zoom with Trackpad (on MacBook)

Zooming with two fingers on the trackpad, sometimes, doesn’t work.
I am with Sketchup Pro 21.0.338 on MacBook Pro, Catalina 10.15.7, AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4Go.

A sample of actions sequence:

  • Let’s say I start with selecting everything.
  • I then select the Orbit tool. I can move the camera around.
  • Then zooming with two fingers on trackpad. It works a first time. When I release my two fingers from the trackpad (extended) , replace them in the center and start a second extension to initiate a second zoom, it won’t work anymore.
  • The only solution from this point is to select the Zoom tool.

Any solution to this inconsistant behavior?

I’m using a fairly similar MBP and I can’t reproduce this problem. What do you mean by “trackpad (extended)”?

I mean when doing a “pinch out gesture” (i.e: moving the two fingers away from each other), when you have extended your two fingers to the maximum.

Ah, that’s a different gesture. I use a two-finger swipe up or down to zoom. I’ve been doing it that way for so long that it is branded into my brain and I didn’t even think about how the “pinch” enlarges or shrinks the view in other apps.

For me a two-finger pinch doesn’t work as zoom at all in SketchUp. This sounds like maybe an issue with how you have your trackpad gestures configured vs how I do.

Good advise. I’ll try the “swipe up/down”!

Works perfectly!
I’ll just update my mind :slight_smile:

FWIW, I think this is connected to how the zoom works when using a mouse. Move up is shrink, move down is enlarge. Conceptually as if you are pushing the model away or pulling it toward you. Naturally, a mouse has no equivalent to “pinch” :wink: