Trackpad can't Zoom in and out after an update

Hi, I’ve just updated SketchUp and I can’t zoom by using trackpad.

I normally use two fingers to Zoom in and out with the gesture we normally use on a touchscreen but now the setting has change to → use to finger to slide right to zoom in. I don’t know how to change this setting. Can someone help me?

I use SketchUp Pro for Mac.

I assume you are referring to the pinch/spread gesture used on touchscreens such as iPad? Did it ever work for you with SketchUp on your Mac (it never has for me).

SketchUp Pro wasn’t designed with touchpads in mind. It interprets a two-finger up or down swipe as zoom (because that gesture means “scroll”, same as the middle mouse wheel), but doesn’t understand the pinch gesture. I think there was a topic recently about remapping gestures to make pinch work, but I can’t find it now.