Mac trackpad for Desktop to match Web app


I started using Sketchup Web free version and really liked the way the pan/zoom/orbit tools worked with my Mac trackpad on my air and mini. I’ve since switched to the Desktop version (2021) because I’ve started using Vray and other plugins and I don’t seem to be able to use the same gestures (pinch zoom, 2-finger orbit, shift-2-finger pan). Very frustrating and seems clunky on the desktop version. Any ideas? Thanks!

There is some mention of the desktop vs web in the topic A new SketchUp Labs project: Trackpad Navigation. Uniform handling of trackpads across web and desktop seems to be a goal, but it’s not there yet.


In macOS accessibility settings you can enable three finger drag, which should get you closer to what you want (if you haven’t already). You could then use two fingers to zoom in and out (up and down) and shift to pan when using orbit to navigate with three fingers. Not ideal but kinda works. I still recommend a mouse of course.

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I agree 100%!!! I love the trackpad navigation on the web version. Plus, no risk of carpal tunnel syndrome caused by a mouse or even having to carry a mouse.