Improve Trackpad and Magic Mouse on Mac


I recently transitioned from using SketchUp for Web on Mac to SketchUp Pro to avail more advanced features. Unfortunately, I’ve found the user experience with the Magic Mouse/trackpad in the Pro version to be extremely disappointing when compared to the Web app. Initially, I assumed that my mouse was malfunctioning, so I searched for potential solutions and assistance here. However, I was unable to find any relevant tutorials for SketchUp Pro, leaving me unable to navigate through my projects.

What surprised me the most was the volume of complaints regarding this issue that have been raised over time, with no apparent resolution in sight.

SketchUp for Web is commendably optimized for Mac users, but the Pro version leaves a lot to be desired. It requires the simultaneous use of three keys along with the mouse/trackpad for movement and two keys with the trackpad for orbiting.

What is Pro in these ? Did I miss something ?


When I started using SketchUp Pro on my old iMac, I was using a Macintosh mouse with a small roller and that work great.

Then I tried a Magic Mouse and that was not so great since there is no roller on it.

After that I bough a mouse with a roller wheel and this worked great on all Mac that I used.

Actually I use Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac and it works perfectly with SketchUp and all other softwares on my MacBook Pro.

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SketchUp is designed to be used with a 3 button mouse…

Thank you for the advice, Jean. I find it surprising that the trackpad functions flawlessly on the Web app, but not in the Pro version. The multitouch feature is incredibly useful on Mac and integral to the overall user experience. It seems as though SketchUp isn’t entirely optimized for Mac.

the web app is more recent, it has been going through a constant overhaul since it’s inception. plus it shares some behind the scene stuff with the ipad version, strong on gestures.

They didn’t revamp the controls in SU pro, and as tweenulzeven said, it’s even recommanded on the website to use with 3 button mouse.

No idea if it’s in the pipes for later releases, we got the info, off record, that a dark interface was on the way, the change of GUI on the PC version might mean the same on the mac version, but as usual with these things, no info, deadline or anything else.

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Fascinating! Thank you for sharing these insights, ateliernab. I suppose all we can do now is wait and see what unfolds.

unfortunately on this matter… yes.

Some insiders might know more, but unless we get some official infos, it’s hope and speculation.

Just so you know, other pro cad / 3d softwares are at the same point. not sure about blender, but I had this discussion about archicad last year, those softwares don’t seem to bother with fancy gestures and rely mostly on old-style mouse stuff.

The Magic Mouse is in my opinion one of the worst mice out there, it’s very uncomfortable, after working half an hour with it you’ll get wrist pain for the rest of the week, I tried to use it some years ago cause I liked how it looked, but couldn’t use it for an entire day. I’ve never used the trackpad with sketchup as well, it’s clearly designed to be used with a three button mouse, I don’t know how’s the behavior on the web version but most of not all 3D cad softwares are designed to be used with a mouse, there are people who use a graphic tablet but personally a mouse is the best way to use the program, I usually work more than 8 hours when I start a new project so I need to be as comfortable as possible, I’ve used Logitech mice for over a decade, I had the Performance MX for a long time until I got the MX Master 3, both are great ergonomic mice and also make my work easier and more efficient with its buttons and gestures that I can assign keyboard shortcuts.


I know that we are wandering off topic, but as this thread has been marked as asnwered already…

I was excited to try the Magic Mouse, but agree that it was terrible… a cool idea for sure (touch pad inside the mouse) but anyone who need to use their mouse forhours on end will know that it is just not comfortable to use. Plus, to use gesterues, you basically have to lift your had off the mouse, so the idea just does not work.

I have advocated for Logitech MX mice for years… they fit int he had perfectly, have so many programmable buttons and just work! I will use a trackpad in a pinch, but travel with my MX and use it daily.