Mouse sensitivity in MAC OS Sierra

When using Sketchup on the MAC OS, as I am moving the mouse, if I accidentally touch the to of the magic mouse (e.g. the button), the whole screen quickly zooms or pans in the direction of the mouse. My work can no longer ver viewed. I have to re-center the work and then size it to the view I was working in. Happens a dozen times in an hour’s work - very distracting.

I work on mac. I opted for a standard mouse with a real wheel. The apple mouse seems not suitable for navigating Sketchup.
More crazy, I prefer to work with the trackpad than with the magic mouse in sketchup!

I too, gave a magic mouse a try for a while. I WANTED it to work. It was so cool and sleek looking! Unfortunately, I could never dial in the sensitivity of the (scroll) like I wanted. Ended up going back to Logitech!

MagicPrefs does an amazing job at giving you control and optimizing your mouse for SketchUp Environment. I use it all the time