Best Mouse for SketchUp

Hi Everyone! Can anyone tell me which mouse is best for sketchup? I need for designing my projects. Waiting for your suggestions.

I don’t think there is a best mouse. I like a simple three-button/scroll wheel mouse. Basic, inexpensive, and common. I end up using SketchUp on a lot of different computers and this type of mouse is the most common. Others will tell you that you need a 3D Mouse or some other expensive divice. They can be cool, too. Try some different ones.

Is your profile correct in that you are using Sketchup 2016 Make?

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As Dave says. The most important thing is that it must fit your hand and fingers. Lately I have used a Logitech MX Master 2S that fits me well despite its clunky looks. I rarely use its extra buttons. Wouldn’t fit a left-hander, I guess. I use it with its own receiver. I once had a Bluetooth mouse but I felt that it had odd lags, perhaps due to interference. Some people here have been complaining about problems with the MX 3 models.


I feel like an absolute requirement is a mouse with a clicky scroll wheel that generates a proper 3rd/middle button click when you depress the scroll wheel so that you can zoom, pan and rotate the view as quickly and naturally as possible. Some of the Logitech mice use the scroll wheel click to change the scrolling behavior from detented to free-scrolling instead of generating the 3rd/middle button click, so they don’t work well with SU. As DaveR suggests, there are other devices for view navigation, but the default SU view navigation quickly becomes habitual with the shift key and the clicky scroll wheel.

As you can see, everyone has their preference and reasons for using a certain product. Try them, as DaveR suggests. My self, I have an MX3 that I can use with 2 other PCs in the house.

The MX 2 models have a separate button to lock or release the scroll stepping. I have had no problems with it.

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But all mice play well with Macs. Regardless, the original poster is not using a Mac.

I have a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise. Consisting of a 3Dconnexion CadMouse + the “space mouse” that is a large piece with a trackball-type knob in the middle, a small screen and programmable hot keys for each application. Never would have bought something like this – or even known about it – one of my house design clients gave it to me. And it is super-awesome in use.

The scrollwheel middle button is critical.
This needs to be well positioned and comfortable, with a soft click action.

Extra buttons around the mouse can be handy but only if you like using them instead of keyboard shortcuts.

The Logitech G Pro wireless is an excellent mouse. The receiver is very reliable (not bluetooth).
I also like Steelseries Sensei mouses. Many people find these “basic” looking shapes actually more comfortable and if I’m buying mouses for staff who are unable to try them out in person I get these and I never get any complaints.

3DConnexion is a 3D (hence the name) mouse that you operate with your other hand to manipulate the model in real time. It allows you to zoom, rotate, pan, and all those other neat things. You can also re-assign the buttons on the sides for easy access. I have one set to “move.”
I can’t remember what it cost, but I think the company was bought by Logitech. I think mine is called “Space Navigator.”

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I’ve been using a Logitech MX Vertical for some years now.

Before that a Logitech MX Master…

I do have:

  1. Cadmouse compact wireless at home.
  2. MX MASTER 3 in the office.

Both are very good. I like the first one a little better, but not significantly.

I also have a Spacemouse Enterprise, and it works superbly for me. They can be configured to be left-handed or right-handed, and when working together with a 3-button mouse (in my case a Logi MX Master), then you do have a lot of freedom to concentrate on what is important - the model.
The Enterprise comes with a men pre set-up for Sketchup - as for many other typical apps as well, but these can be altered to your own preferences very easily. So the more you use Sketchup, the more likely you ae to change a few of the presents and shortcuts. It’s not a MUST, but the option is there.

The question’s been answered but I’d like to weigh in- for people with specific needs there’s lots of factors like hand grip type claw vs. palm, hand size, health issues, space constraints, modeling style- but for Sketchup unless you’re modeling basically 24/7 (or even if you are), you don’t need a complicated mouse. An optical three button mouse is good enough 3/4ths the time, just make sure the scroll wheel is reliable. Sketchup uses a lot of scrolling for zooming.

From my own experience, finding a good mouse that doesn’t fatigue was a big issue since I have an aggressive modeling speed- I tried everything under the sun looking for the right one- it ended up being a “MM710 Cooler Master”, which is basically just a three button mouse but lighter.

I have a SpaceNavigator and it’s great for presenting models, but it’s too slow for actual modeling a lot of times. What ended up doing was switching the middle click and right click using “X-Mouse Button Control”, so I don’t have to use the middle mouse button for orbiting, and I also amped up the scrolling to fire off 3x rather than once for faster zooming.

You probably don’t have to jump through these hoops if you don’t have fatigue problems, and have the cool stuff like the CadMouse that has three buttons or an MX-Master that has two scroll wheels, but for power using a basic three button mouse X-Mouse (or an equivalent) helps a lot.

I’ll throw my hat into the ring.

I use two mice in combination. A Logitech MX Ergo for my right hand (the dominant one) and a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse for my left hand. I use the SM for navigation, the scroll wheel on the MX for zooming, and only the buttons on the MX for everything else. I have found it especially useful to assign the two side buttons on the MX to double and triple clicking, something you do all the time in SU.

My two mice present a significant investment. Whether it is worth it for you only you can tell. As you can see above, there are some very experienced users here who get by just fine with much less.

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There are different mouse available in market for sketchup. All depends on your budget, tell us your budget so that we can help you in choosing best one.

To add to what I wrote previously, I hate everything that works with disposable batteries so for years I used $10 wired Logitech mouses and they worked OK (the wheel button tended to break after a couple of years intensive use). Wireless became an option as the MX mouses are rechargeable. That probably accounts for their higher price.

Asking what mouse is best is kind of asking what the best shoe is… everyone is going to have opinions based on what is available to them and the experiences they have had… so here is my own biased opinion!

I LOVE the Logitech MX Master mice. The move well, they are the right size for my hand and I can program 7 shortcuts into the thumb buttons. Plus they are wireless and rechargeable. They do cost a bit, but I can easily justify this as I use it for HOURS every day and I know that this mouse will last for years (I usually wear a mouse out in 3 to 4 years).

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My budget is less than 40$. Can you recommend me best one?

Logitech Play Collection M325c

Only and exclusively with that painting. :rofl:

More seriously: just follow the advice of @DaveR in a second post.