What computer peripheral do you use with SketchUp to go easy on your hands/wrists/fingers?

I just got a strain on my right wrist after using the software too much. Does anybody have experience with drawing tablets, professional mice, spacemouse,… and if they work well with SketchUp on Mac? Any models you can recommend and why?

I have just been using my MacBook’s trackpad to create 3D models and I feel that I need to get something else to avoid further injuries.

Thanks much.

My Carpal Tunnel problems went away soon after I changed from the Magic Mouse to a Logitech M570 thumb-ball mouse. Adding the 3DConnexion space mouse in combination is, imho, the best input devices you can have on a Mac.

Any full size mouse is going to help (I will second that Magic Mouse causes wrist pain if used while modeling).

I made a switch to using a scroll mouse left handed (even though I am strongly right handed). I have a rather small Logitech M525, but I agree that a larger mouse might be better.

The only drawback I know of with the Space Mouse is that the 3Dconnexion drivers seem to have a habit of running away with memory (GBs per minute) in each new version of SU or OS X/MacOS. They eventually get fixed, but it can take months, and until fixed, it crashes SU every few minutes.

I’ve never used a Space Mouse, but did try their CADmouse. It uses the same drivers. After a week or so of repeated crashes of SU, and no sign of better drivers, I sent it back.

Another vote for a simple three button mouse is good. I use a Logitech M325 with the MacBook pro and a slightly larger one on my PC. I’ve been using SketchUp nearly every day for the last 14 years with no problems.

I am expert on trackpad, and there’s some amount of joy in using gestures. SketchUp could do a lot more to help touch users, but for the moment check out three finger drag. With that you can do a lot of actions without having to click. With modifier keys you can do something like ctrl-command-three fingers to painlessly orbit.

To add to that, you can create a lot of things with three finger stroking, which involves no clicking. But, with clicks you should try using your index finger instead of your thumb. Trackpad actions are generally click with thumb, move with finger, but finger only sometimes feels nice, and halves the strain on your thumb.

The best device for wrists will be SpeakUp :slight_smile: https://youtu.be/-7Q6IOwZrdA

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There’s more to avoiding injury than just a mouse.

• A 3-button or better still a 7-button programmable scroll wheel mouse. A Logitech M510 costs ~$30
• A real keyboard
• An all-position adjustable keyboard tray
• A cushy wrist pad the full width of the tray
• An all-position adjustable chair w/ armrests

See this article by Jeff Atwood Co-founder of Stack Overflow and Discourse

Computer Workstation Ergonomics

Or this from UCLA Environment Health and Safety

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Thanks all for the recommendations. Very much appreciated.

Just saw this post now, and want to add my vote for 3Dconnexion’s SpaceNavigator. I am not a Mac user, so take my opinion for what it’s worth, but a 3D mouse increases your navigation speed and precision majorly, and also leaves your other mouse free for the actual modelling. I used SketchUp for years with a 3-button mouse, and it’s plenty of fun :wink: but since I got a 3D mouse, my workflow sped up significantly.

I did read @john_mcclenahan 's post, so that driver issue would definitely be a problem, I’m just saying it works great for me on Windows. The only problem I’ve had with it is total addiction.

I use 3DConnexion SpaceMouse, a 3DConnexion CadMouse and a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard.

No carpal tunnel syndrome for many many years.

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