Best mouse for Sketchup and Mac

I am looking for recommendation:
I recently transitioned from PC to Mac.
I have a MacBook Pro. I got myself for it a wireless Mac mouse (which is constantly loosing connection to my laptop…very annoying) and another mouse with a wire but this one was causing my laptop to heat up and to crash all the time…very disappointing start. Can anyone advise: what is the best mouse for me and Sketchup.(note: I don’t care for the wireless mouse).

Typically, most of the Logitech mice play nice with Mac. I have been using the M500 wired mouse at my desk for a couple of years. It’s comfortable (if you’re right-handed), precise and works well, without any issues.

I also have a M325 wireless mouse (which uses the Logitech USB Universal Receiver) for my travel mouse. If I was buying for a current MacBook Pro (with only USB-C ports), I would buy the MX Anywhere 2s, which operates wirelessly with either the Universal Receiver or Bluetooth. You can pair up to 3 devices through Bluetooth and easily switch between them.

Apple mice are rarely the best option, especially for heavy use, as they are un-ergonomic in shape — and personally I’ve never liked the touch mouse.

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Thank you so much for so much valuable info and quick responce!
And I totally agree that Apple mice is un-ergonomic! I can’t work all day on it. Even after few minutes my wrist starts to hurt…

I’ve been using the Logitech MX Master for the past few years and I love it. The best mouse I’ve used. It has some extra controls under the thumb that I use all the time in SketchUp. Makes my workflow faster and smoother.

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I’ve been quite interested in the MX Master and almost bought one, but when I checked it out in-store it felt too large for me (I have small hands).

It’s loaded with features, but my advice would be to verify that the size fits your hand properly before buying.

I have used an MX Master for the last decade or so (I’m on my second). Best mouse I have ever used. Of course, it fits my had well and I am right handed…


I have enjoyed using my Logitech MX Ergo for the past year or so. Not everyone likes trackballs but it cuts down on wrist strain for me. Also the programmable buttons have proved useful. It’s wireless and having to recharge it occasionally is a slight bind but you could keep the charging cable permanently connected I guess.

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Thank you all! I truly appreciate!.

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Aaron, Ive been working with sketchup now for about 8 months. I recently got a high res 4k monitor. game changer. My mouse has been the cheapest logitech M185 you can get and claims to have 1k DPI resolution. My upcoming projects are going to involve a lot of splines and organic surfaces, possibilities for mm precision on 6 meter parts. I’m thinking about the spacemouse wireless kit 2. The 3D connection mouse-mouse claims to have 7k dpi resolution. The Logitech MX Master has 4k dpi. Any input on this? Do you use the “Gestures” on the MX master? Any thoughts on the 3Dconnextion cad mouse-mouse vs. the MX-master ? is that extra resolution going to mean anything?

I have tried both mice but stick with the MX Master. I use the extra buttons and gestures constantly. I honestly don’t know of a better mouse!

I have used many mouses with SketchUp over the years and I don’t think that “resolution” has a meaning or makes any difference. You want to model accurately, you “paint by numbers” or pick points suggested by the inference engine. Mouse choice should be determined primarily by what fits your hand. I currently use the same MX Master as Aaron and like it too, but, for instance, it wouldn’t fit a left handed person.

Hi Aaron,
Just new to SketchUp in the past month and loving all your YouTube videos. Thank you for those!
Did you buy the Mac version of the Logitech MX Master mouse or the dual platform version?

Thanks! Glad to hear the videos were helpful! I was not aware that windows and Mac had different options (or at the time that I bought my mouse they were the same).


The only difference is the color. The Mac edition is space gray. The mouse itself is the same.

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