What should I invest in? Mouse, Pens or Tablets for SU? Help pls!

Hello people! I’m thinking of buying some interface that allows me to work faster and more comfortable in SU. I’m thinking about xp-pen artist 22e pro, tablets, wacom, 3D Pens, etc. But I see too much information and many products and I do not know where to start. I want to avoid a bad purchase.

3D connextion space mouse is probably the best piece of hardware for sketchup. If you’re right ( or left handed) it goes in the other hand so you can orbit the model freely with it and still allow the usual operation of the mouse in the other hand. A decent mouse with a scroll wheel too. I like the logitech with the free wheeling steel scroll wheel.


SketchUp doesnt really suit those sorts of devices because its about points, edges and surfaces, wheras pens are better for artwork and curves.

3d Connexion Spacemouse is popular (but seems to have some buggy drivers with SU , so do some research).

A really good 5 button mouse with an excellent scrollwheel (not too much pressure for the wheelbutton) is a great investment. Mouse pad , too. Comfort is essential. Thumb buttons on he mouse can control zoom, undo/redo or similar functions.

And work on your shortcut keys to make all the common keystrokes available to your non-mouse hand (for me that means grouping all commands around the WASD keys, and the tools i include are things like Hide/unhide, pull/pull, hide rest of model, xray mode on/off, etc).
With good shortcuts you can increase your modelling speed a huge amount. You could even get a gaming-style one-handed keyboard.

Then I’d get a 1440p display at 32" because eye and neck comfort matter, and because more screen realestate means more efficient modelling generally.


I did not know the spacemouse! It seems to be very efficient. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I am on orders for what I can help!

Thank a lot @AK_SAM, I’m going to look for both options, maybe I save money and invest in the monitor that you say. Comfort is essential. I started a project very nice but quite long, therefore it will be necessary to be comfortable.
Very grateful for the help.
To the orders in what can help.