Peripheral gadget (input devices)

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I was wondering if you have an idea about an input device that can help is enhancing the speed of modeling and accuracy of the structures, like a special input pen or some sort of touch pad…

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There is really no device that will guarantee your ability to model faster and more accurately in Sketchup that I know of. It all boils down to personal preference. I have used drawing pads for Sketchup before, and after learning to use it and getting used to how I set the shortcuts up, it helped with my ability to model. I wouldn’t, however, claim that it has made me faster or more accurate. In truth, the only way to achieve those things is through time and experience. As you learn more about the program and what it can and cannot do, you will get faster and more accurate.

I have found that some of the biggest time savers are add-ons/extension tools and tool sets. Something that would take me hours to do by hand, some extensions can do almost instantaneously. People are developing different scripts to enhance Sketchup all the time. Look into different Ruby Extensions, and you may find that using tools designed to make modeling easier and more accurate can be found almost anywhere, if you have the time to look. Or, even better, learning Ruby would allow you to solve your own issues more easily…

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First let me thank you for your fast and prompt response. I agree of course that in modeling, the best thing is time and experience. But none the less, some tools can make your life easier and sometimes even enjoyable…I do not know if this will help you or not, but i found an ideal tool (although to be honest i still did not try it for myself), is a 3D mouse. Something like the 3DConnexion mouse for example can really make navigating around your model much easier. Again thanks for your responce

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I’ve heard of the 3DConnexion mouse, and I have been meaning to try one out. Thanks for the input! I may check into getting one soon. It sounds like a tool that could make my modeling much easier. Thanks for the advice!