Best Configuration for SketchUp: Apple Magic Mouse with BetterTouchTool

For 3D modelling it’s very useful to be perform some functions without clicking on commands before, but just using a specific mouse button.

The Apple Magic Mouse does not even have a middle button.

But there’s a tool which allows to configure the mouse very extensively: BetterTouchTool

Is there anybody out there who used BetterTouchTool to optimize the usage of the mouse with Sketchup.
I’m a beginner and would enjoy it, when you like your experiences.


With BetterTouchTool it’s no problem to configure a middle button. It works fine.

May be there’s someone who reads this thread who uses BetterTouchTool since a couple of time or tried to do that but refuses it because of some good reasons.

I’m really curious about that.

Really nobody out there, who uses a magic mouse customized via BetterTouchTool?

Bad luck for me :slight_smile:

I believe your resources would be better spent on a more conventional solution.

May be you are right.
But may be the magic mouse has a great potential which is not revealed yet, because almost nobody knows of the existence of BetterTouchTool and all the customizations which are possible.

May be the potential is even higher that of every multi button mouse, because you have so much more options with a “programmable” touch area and multiple finger gestures.

Maybe you should give it a try and work out the best configuration. Then come back and give us a report. I’m happy with a basic 3-button mouse.

Realistically touch devices are not efficient for modelling. They can be useful in certain situations, multi touch and gestures, flicks etc can do some interesting things, but serious modelling you really need the ‘hard’ contact of a mouse or stylus that can click on very specific points without worrying about the hover or touch in the wrong place because the cursor moves slightly when you actually touch the surface. I have used just about every combination you can think of, even a glove keyboard and I still come back to either a 3 button mouse or a stylus and the stylus is usually directly on screen.
People do some amazing work with touchpads, but I’ve never seen one used better than a mouse.