Orbit using a 5 button mouse on Windows

Hello everyone,
I have been using Sketchup on MacOs for several years now, and I could always use the side buttons of my mouse to orbit instead of the middle button. Indeed, I find it more confortable for the hand to use the 4th or 5th button of my mouse to orbit, especially when the middle button is harder to press than the others.
It seemed that on MacOs, it was a native feature that you could use eather of those three buttons to orbit. But now that I have to use Sketchup on Windows for my new job, I can’t find any solutions without having to install a keyboard/mouse remapper program. In fact, I don’t have the admin rights to install these kind of softwares to remap the 4th or 5th mouse button to do the same as the middle button.

Does anyone had the same issue, especally while transfering from MacOs to Windows ?

Is there a configuration app for your mouse? You need to set it up so that the side buttons are seen as the same as the middle button.

not exactly. if you didn’t install an app to monitor this on your mac, it’s likely it was programmed like that. when you plug a mouse or a keyboard into a computer, it reads the inner program to know what button does what. if it’s programmed well, then no problem. if not (looking at the cheap 5€ mice out there) then it’s a gamble.

I had a microsoft folding arc mouse a decade ago, same thing, a thumb button acting like mid click on mac, but on pc, it was programmed to make the weird windows8 interface pop.

can’t say if mac os specifically treats extra unused buttons as mid ones, or if it was programmed.

well… time to buy a box of chocolate for the person who has admin rights. if windows, by default, won’t see them as mid click (be sure to check the parameters and advanced parameters), you’ll have to install a mapper.
What brand is your mouse ? there might be an official software.

Ignoring the muscle memory issue of wanting to use the left button, using the scroll wheel, if you make the effort to reeducate your muscles, can be far better as you effectively have pan, scroll and orbit all together. Don’t dismiss it too quickly.

it doesn’t seem like it… It was a fairly cheap mouse from amazon, the brand is Jelly Comb, and it did not need any configuration app to use it.

it seems to be the problem then… i don’t think the mouse I have at the moment is well programmed.

to be fair, it’s not as sketchy :slight_smile: it doesn’t do anything special, apart from cycling through hystory on the web.

It is a fairly cheap mouse from amazon, the brand is ‘Jelly Comb’ and it did not need any configuration app to use it. I just tried to download a driver from their website, and there was some error messages while running the setup program ; it doesn’t seem to do anything more… I might have to buy a better mouse with a propper software where I can map the buttons

I learnt to use the middle button at first indeed, and it does make sense to use it like it was intended. However, when I swithed to a 5 buttons mouse and the side buttons enabled me to orbit / pan, I found it was much more confortable to me. As I said, many of the mouses I used had their middle button hard to press compared to the side buttons.