Your configuration of a multi button mouse?

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m curious about your configuration of a multi button mouse?

Which functions/keys do you use on those extra buttons, please?

I myself have a Microsoft Mouse with 3 extra buttons.
My configuration is at the moment (I’m a beginner with SU and have to figure out, what is the best practice):
Button 1: Shift (for navigation in combination with the middle button)
Button 2: Space
Button 3: M (for Move)

@those of you who use a magic mouse from apple:

Do you use the utility BetterTouchTool to configure your mouse with several extra gestures specific for Sketchup?


I use a Logitech trackball with two configurable buttons operated by index finger. I have the nearest to me as a double click and the furthest a triple click. Both of those shortcuts are very useful in SU and the double click is very useful in lots of other programs.

At work I use a simple 5 button mouse. It has the standard left, right and scroll wheel + back and forward buttons. Generally use keyboard shortcuts only and the default SketchUp mouse binds.

At home I however, I use a Corsair Scimitar Pro. Its a 17 button gaming mouse. I have all shortcuts bound to it and only use modifiers on the keyboard (Ctrl, shift and alt)

I use the Logitech M570 Trackball with 2 “extra” buttons.
The one nearest to me is set to the Escape key, and the one fartherst from me mimics the Space bar.

Standard chording in SketchUp give me the Shift-Middle Button for Pan (aka “Navigate”).

Thanks to all who answered so far :slight_smile:

I hope out there is a “heavy user” of the BetterTouchTool who configured the Apple Magic Mouse for Sketchup :slight_smile: