What is your favorite mouse and why? Looking for advice on a new mouse for SketchUp

I’ve been using a Logitech G502 Hero for several years now and am wondering if it might be worth upgrading to something made specifically with 3D modeling and/or graphic design in mind. What do these mice do differently than a standard 3 button scroll wheel mouse? I’m also interested in the idea of being able to assign SketchUp keyboard shortcuts to my mouse. I have a few programmable buttons now but not enough I don’t think.

I looked at the Space Mouse and it seems great, but the Pro version is way over my budget (and probably overkill for my needs). I am curious about their compact version and also the CAD mouse. Has anyone used either of these? I understand what makes the regular Space Mouse so special but what about the other two I mentioned? What do they do differently than a normal mouse?

I’d love to know others’ experience with mice and what you like or don’t like about them. If I do decide to buy a new mouse, I’d say my budget is right around $100.

EDIT: I might as well ask about keyboards too. Are there any keyboards that work particularly well with SketchUp or have features to make 3D modeling or graphic design easier/more efficient?

I’ve used Logitech M510s for nearly a decade and they’ve always been great. I’ve worn the feet off a couple of them but never had button or wheel failures. And they aren’t very expensive.

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I have a Logitech MX Master 3. They are pricey, but well-made and I like its shape. I’ve had it for about 3 years with no issues so far.


Thanks! I was looking at those and they seem really great. Do they do anything special though when using one for SketchUp? I’m just curious what makes them good for 3D modeling.

I have Logitech MX Master 2 mouses for all my devices. Despite the clunky look they fit my hand very well and they seem to last longer than the cheap models I used previously. I use them with their own USB transceiver - I have bad experiences about Bluetooth.


They have three programmable buttons and a horizontal scroll wheel in addition to the regular vertical one, but nothing really specific for 3D modeling or SketchUp. I just like the feel of it.

Unlike @Anssi I have had no problems with the bluetooth other than it taking a few wiggles to wake it up if it hasn’t been used for a long time. I only need to recharge the battery every few months (or longer, depending on use).

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Another vote for the MX Master from Logitech.


I’m an odd one by using a tablet instead of a mouse on my flagship machine. In some ways SU isn’t that friendly to tablet use, but it’s been my favorite input device since 1993 so I’ve persisted. I’ve gone through 4 Wacom tablets over the years, and currently use a XenceLabs one for it’s thin pen and minimal tablet.

That said, I have a well worn MX Master 2S that I got for teaching SU, and recently picked up a MX Master 3S. If I have to use a mouse, I like that one.

I resisted getting one for years, because, well, it’s another expense. Once I got one, however, I don’t know how I lived without it. I have the most basic corded one – that’s all you need.


Another vote for the Logitech MS Master series.


I also use a G502. I’ve used several similar mice over the years and this is my favorite. But I’ve never tried the MX master – its wide thumb pad is appealing. Another mouse I loved about equally, with similar ergonomics, was the G602, although it lacks the fast scroll wheel toggle.

And keyboards. As a keyboard nerd, I like a narrow keyboard (TKL or even 65%, which is like a laptop layout) – this form factor gives me more room on the desk and brings the hands closer together. Got a standalone numpad, but never use it and have trained myself to use num row. I like mechanical keyboards with either tactile or linear keys. But if silent operation is important to you, maybe look at the thinkpad keyboards (standalone laptop layout with lovely action, but no backlight), or a silent mechanical (which still might be noisy enough to annoy others in the room). The switch choices on pre-built keyboards are kinda limited, compared to the extremely wide array of switches available. If you buy a “hotswap” keyboard, you can swap in different switches.

I also use TouchCursor app (Windows) to add a function layer to keys (google SpaceFn). I use it for arrow keys, delete, home, end, etc, so that my left hand doesn’t need to leave the “home” position, and my right hand doesn’t leave the mouse. Similarly, I like to remap sketchup commands so that it can all be done with the left hand, from the home position. I set all kinds of keyboard shortcuts, ctrl+alt+shift+R etc, but still haven’t gotten around to using the extra mouse buttons.

Now if I were a real keyboard nerd I would have something radical like a Dactyl Manuform, google that…

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Had the Logitech Master 2S for a few years and I now have the 3S. Both of them are brilliant and you can still get a new 2S for not a lot of money.


The Logitech MX Master 3 is the best one period. It’s precise, comfortable, and it has programmable buttons and gestures that speed up your workflow a lot.


Logitech MX Vertical and lots of keyboard shortcuts.

(and a Stream Deck)


That is some insane battery life! Seems like the MX Master would be a good choice for me. I might just order one.

Now I need to look into a new keyboard.


They do look like they would be amazing to use. Maybe someday I’ll splurge on one.

What do you mean by the basic version? I see the Space Mouse Pro for $299 and then they have this odd looking little button thing called Space Mouse Wireless for $149.

It is! I can’t stand mechanical keyboards. They severely slow down my typing speed :upside_down_face:

Is this something I can use with the keyboard I have now? I will definitely look this up tomorrow. Is this what you use to keyboard shortcuts for SketchUp?

Clearly the MX Master is the winner! Thank you everyone for your comments. I’m still open to keyboard suggestions though!

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I have the Space Mouse Compact which is pretty much the same as Wireless in size, but has a USB cable instead of wireless. Doesn’t seem to be a price difference on their site. It was slightly cheaper when I bought it.

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I am using the Logitech MX Master 3 with my Macbook Pro running Mac OS 13.6.3 (Ventura).

It is a real pleasure to work with SketchUp using this mouse.

I use it with bluetooth without any problem.


Logitech has also great keyboards, it depends on your preferences, some people prefer mechanical because of the feel but in my opinion the clicking distance it’s too long and it can be noisy, I Have the Logitech MX keys, the feeling is similar to the one on my MacBook Pro which I love, you should also get a full keyboard with numpad, it’s a lot better and faster to type distances imo.